Heirs of Atlantis


Acamoth’s Story

Harold gets home and thinks “sword” trying to hold his ring/hand out.
“By the power of greyskull!” Nothing happens.

He pulls it off and looks at it: There is writing on it. In high speech.

Harold goes to sleep.

Mailbox on Tuesday: Letter/Card reminding the (optional) consillium meeting is on Saturday the 14th. {Pure politics and boringness}

Jayce and Harold need to find jobs to bring in money.

“Good honest, hard day’s labor”

“We’re going to go camping then goto the temp agency in the morning”
Harold thinks they are going out to the rv for a ‘tryst’ and privacy.

Jayce says “Because of what is going inside of him, he doesn’t want to push to far.” But nothing sexual does happen, but it does end up being slightly romantic.


Victor: Goes to work.
Puts up a post on consillium board. “Does anyone know anything about werewolves?”
Doesn’t get any replies

Isaac: Looking for construction materials such as steel rebar $5/ft,
Wits+Crafts (1 succ)
Contract wholesale places. Finds a few materials he hasn’t worked with before. Concrete series that they are using techniques and dyes are two years old. A nice flooring he thinks he might be able to do warp sculptures out of. A resin in a few colors. Dark and mottled green with magenta.

Jayce wakes up (inside the RV), cleans up a bit, and drives over to the temp agency.

Harold wakes up.

Solomon: Not having to goto work, checks when the dojo is open that day and makes plans to spend two-three hours there. It turns out that it is still closed, but is able to get a hold of Kim Chung. (Provost for the arrow and first student of the perfected adepts) He says master is out of town for a few weeks.

At the house he used to work in he attic for practice, he moves such stuff down in the basement. Mats, Pads, Candles. Being on suspension he doesn’t want to spend much money to make his area any nicer. Thus, practices in his wing of the basement.


Isaac: Follows general coshure rule, but not strict.

jayce and Harold are waiting for a cab, grabbing hot dogs from a vendor.
Heading to the consillium. Harold wants to use the library.
Attempting to research the ring, after an hour.. doesn’t figure anything out.
Jayce looks at the ring and thinks it might be a name of some kind.
He thinks he might be able to prouncing it.
And manages to turn it into a crystal sword right in the middle of a library.

Find a book called “Mysterious Awakenings” It chronicles different awakenings that people have. In some, objects have been brought back from the supernal. They all are artifacts, and each has some power. Indestructible, etc, etc. It is believed that Excaliber was one.

Solomon: Eats a light meal at the house, scrouging.


Victor tries his email again about werewolves, work is boring then attempts to goto the consillium library after work.

Solomon: Attempts to blend martial form and magical essence. While during a kata, I feel a pull from the earth through the back leg in a stance, connecting in the chi flow of the body.

Isaac: Goes back home with a few samples, since he was mostly price shopping. He goes into his wing in the basement. He hears various noises in the basement coming from Solomon’s wing. He goes into a side room and turns out the lights. He turns on death sight and slowly starts to watch the shadow and the shadows. (Basically is trying to learn more about death magic) Making shadow sculptures.

Victor arrives at the library.
Notices the other two, but ignores them
Researches Werewolves: [5 succ] In the far back corner you come across a bookshelf that has some older books. A few are journals, another “Tacitus’s triests on the Germans.”

Harold doesn’t see Victor walk in, Jayce does see Victor walk in, but leaves him alone. “Let’s go somewhere else, and I want to swing at things.”

Solomon: After having spent the day in practice, comes out to see if people are home.

Harold and Jayce head out to home.

Victor sees if he can check the books out.
“Web’s Life among the Lycanthropes” (This can be checked out)
The journals… they won’t let them leave. They’re handwritten, small writing, few hundred pages each. Takes the time to flip through and take pictures of relevant pages. (Dex+Computers- )

Jayce texts Isaac: “We are on our way home DX. Make us a sammich bitch”

Victor contacts Jayce about dinner, and picks up chicken on the way.
To cook dinner.

Jayce is cooking.
Harold plays with his sword and gets to the point where he can say it in his head. Reflexive but not free.

Solomon: Wonders if one can scry the rest of the cloth/fabric.
Scry with -5 penalty = [6 succ] Does inform everyone what he is doing and it is in his head only to scry location of rest cloth.

The object is in a box, then pans out to see a delapidated appt. (Page 368 picture is what he sees) The head turns out, smiles, and reaching out toward self.

Solomon attempts to drop spell with a spell.
We all feel a tingle of magic starting to build.

Init: 14
Puts up a ballistic shield around Solomon.

Init: 12. The spell being cast, and tries to counter with space arcanum.
[4 succ]

Init: 11
Jayce attempts to cast a counterspell. [6 succ]
Victor pulls out his staff and puts up prime sight.

Init: 7
Harold with fate sight sees no fate magic.
Attempts to rewind time including all of us. [7 succ]

Time re-winds ….
Solomon was about to scry… and stops.
Solomon describes what he saw:
That was the guy in the tree… with the denarian coin.

Solomon buffs Wits and Occult then looks at the scene with Harold’s buffs. [12 succ]

Looks like a Scry / Training in some kind of abyssal rituals. He was summoning up an abyssal creature… acamoths (322). They trade favors for power. They are to demons what mages are to mortals.

Our cloth no longer connected to the remote one.

Victor finishes his research on his laptop with the book pictures.

Solomon attempts to call Kim Chung back in regards to the demon sommoning.
Gives him a quick run down… on the phone.. he gets his attention then hangs up the phone (Kim hangs up)

The smoke alarm goes off because dinner is burning. We order chinese delivery.

Victor finds out:
Werewolves are pack creatures, they a type of spirit magic similiar to what spirits have. They can change shape between five different forms. You will see them typically in human, wolf, or near-human form. And there is some type of warform, the classic “werewolf” look. Hurt by silver and a sense of knowing silver is present.

Victor wants to cross over to the spirit side and meditate, working with his familiar Irwin to reach out in the spirit area around the house.

Isaac goes back into the workshop/basement. It is dusty and cluttered.

Solomon puts up Diplomat’s Protection [4 succ]
Harold while driving
1) “What is going to happen tonight with the acamoth?” [Static]
2) “Will Kim be able to bring the situation to a successful resolution tonight?” [NO]
3) “If we don’t help tonight, will consillium members die?” [Unknown]
4) “Will our involvement, make the situation better?” [Unknown]

Jayce, Harold, and Solomon head back to the library.
We have 30 mins
Solomon goes to see if he can find Gerard.
Jayce texts Harold’s information to Isaac.
Jayce and Harold will dig up info on acamoths. [2 succ] {book named “Horrors of the abyss”}
Really powerful. Gives you your heart’s desire, for a price.*
*: See spirit bans.

“To do the most good regarding the acamoth situation (good for cabal and consillium), where should we go?” [3 succ]
{Find Hades}

Solomon: No answer at office, then goes to the ‘desk’. Person sitting at desk is Thomas Book. [2 succ] provost of the mysterium. Gerard is at the anathium. Nothing else we can really do. Harold comes over and says we need to find hades… and book responds about the sentinel (aka warden) Hades , giving harold a coin.

Harold, jayce, and Solomon go jogging.
isaac and victor drive and find us.

Victor makes an inf def soul jar, spirit shield 4 on everyone.

Solomon: {Space/Mind shield, Spirit shield, Diplomat’s protection }

During next scene, we all have 9 again on first four rolls.
We are driving into the suburbs a little bit and park at an army surplus store. The coin/spell ends.

May 21 2011 Gaming Session

Just as we get to the store the lights go out.
In the parking lot, there is only a single car. (Classic outback type jeeps)

Jayce looks around with prime sight
Scrutinize (Wits + Occult) roll : [2 succ]
Scattered around the premises thick black spikes the length of the elbow to hand.

Jayce makes a second attempt [5 succ] Notices harold walk through one and see it shimmer and a vibration. Harold goes up to the store and knocks. The door opens. Guy looks out (Those who have sight up see the guy’s vision glowing) Tall and Brawny (Think Andre the giant) wearing army surplus. Wiry black hair and beard. “Are you Hades?” “Come in, quick. All of you.” We do. Obvious is an army surplus store, one light is still on. He leads us upstairs. (Not a section customers would goto) The office space looks down over the store, with a canopy mesh hanging. He motions to some chairs and flips a switch. Making a pulse of magical energy. “You guys are the brown circle, are you not?” … Solomon describes what the situation was and “And upon asking how best we could help the situation, we were told to find you.”

“Are you interested in a hunt?” Hades walks over to the wall, points his hand on it – and it melts.
Behind the wall, looks more like a terrorist cell box. Guns, explosives, skulls, fetishes.

“Is there anything we need to know?” “Angroa Boa is… a loose cannon. he is at least a single master. He might have have a second by now. He also weilds unknown powers that are not awakened in nature" “Here… I want all of this back.” We are handed a necklace. (Shields) [Matter 5, Prime 5, Death 5] Pair of Gloves to Solomon. They tingle. Shurikens to Harold. Hands a dreamcatcher (hoop) to Victor. (Thinks bound to it, that consume) Gun with tracers to Isaac (sympathetic) Bigger gun to Jayce (+2 to forces spells through it) Hades puts on a bandolier and belt that disappear after touching. “Welcome to hell boys, lets have fun.” Victor attempts to impress the spirit in the fetish and does so. It was made the shaman mini birds, it goes by “Devorer”. Its purpose and why it agreed to be made into the fetish is to eat spirits that go outside its purpose. Harold attempts to ask questions to find out where we need to go. Divination [8 succ] (Showing Solomon what he sees via telepathy) 1. “Show me what the acamoth will be doing in 20 mins.”

You see the acamoth sitting, drinking a dark liquid from a wineglass. It is in library like setting, victorian in style, fireplace with chair.
2. “Where will the acamoth be in 20 mins (physical location)”
3. “Show me the outside of the building.”
Old town. (L-street in Boston)
4. “In 20 mins, who is going to be with the Acamoth?”
6 of us, acamoth, argobola, someone else in shadow
5. “Who else is in the buliding?”

6. “What is the most dangerous thing about agrobola in this encounter?”
Hand reach out, ranged strike. (shadow move)
7. “What is the most dangerous thing about the guy sitting in the corner, in this encounter?”
Will power roll [1 succ]
Solomon needs to make the roll [0 succ] – Telepathy drops and flashbacks to his awakening (starts having a minor psychotic episode)
He sees one of the coins in his hand and a smile.
8. “How is the acamoth most likely to attack us in this encounter.”
A birthday present.

Hades drives in his jeep we follow. Shimmering door of black, we go through. The landscape we see looks bleak, dark, desolate. (We’re in twilight) Isaac is driving the car. We see a T-Rex try to eat the car. Harold fails a willpower, pulls out the sword and yells “die!”. The T-rex reaches for harold, trying to cower under the seat. Harold (Dex+Athletics+tight squeeze) = [4 succ] (it misses him) Victor tries to fire his staff (Gnosis) = 0 Isaac scrapes the paint against a tree. Ahead we see a bright flash of crimson light, and another portal. We drive out and see Hades stopped and leaning against the car. Overall it took 5 mins to drive (what normally might have taken 45 min) Hades pulls out a small thin bone and snaps it. A mist forms and a hazy face of a young girl appears with an old style of dress. Her lips move and she smiles. isaac hears here “Our agreement was once, this is it. What can I do for you?” Hades replies “There is a house over there with a powerful spirit and two bad men. Tell me what you can find, and I will cut your bond as promised.” She smiles and fades. “Now we wait.” Solomon has : Mind/Space shield ; Necklace ; Gloves (2 dice attacks); Diplomat’s Protection ; (3 Composure) For non magical uses Harold and hades have a 1 time Fate (3 dice), Jayce and Victor (2 dice), Isaac and Harold (+1 dice) The temperature drops all of a sudden, and we see a mist come toward us quickly (as if running in fear). As she gets to us… she dissipates into ash and a baby’s doll falls to the ground. “The information we got from here.. is that they are prepared. And she is destroyed and sent to oblivion instead of sent to to light.” (Hades) Isaac picks up the doll and it disintegrates in his hand. Then the dust fades. “Well, we can knock on the door…” Hades turns to shadow “I will be following.” Isaac takes a bashing and converts papers into pamphlets for a mormon approach. Harolds knocks on the door. The door opens after a bit. A disembodied hand opens the door and then disappears. Nobody is there, just a dark hallway. There is a light on upstairs. “Hello is there anyone home? Or should we just leave some papers?” There is no answer. Looking into the house with prime sight (Jayce attempts) [4 succ] – Does not notice anything. Harold steps through the doorway and into the house. We stick together and go into the house. The door closes, locks, bolts, bolts, bolts. Solomon, point Victor, Harold, and isaac center Jayce rear guard. Harold tries to slash paintings with cards as we go by. Victor can use as spear in melee, throw, or firearm pew pew mode “Hello, can we introduce you to a new and special testimant of jesus christ our lord.” We see a tall winged back chair near a fireplace. (Same scene as we saw earlier), off to the left we see a old oak desk. Imperial measurements, with a suited guy still in shadow. And leaning against the desk (front) is agrabola with a smile on his face. Agrobola “You can drop the stupid ack.” Isaac “But it took so long to make these.” “Have you actually looked inside and read them?” Comes a voice from the dark chair. “No, but I know what they said before I came in here.” “Sometimes things change.” Isaac tries to give them back to harold, but harold wanted to read it. isaac grabs and crumples them up. Harold makes a paper airplane and throws it into the fireplace but it doesn’t burn. Issac drops the spell, and it burns. “How is this going to roll out?” “That depends on you.” Agrobols holds out a tray with six coins. We decline them. Normal banter… “What if we just kill you?” “You will find that difficult.” “A wise man said…” Then Isaac shoots him with his gun (Agrobola). [1 succ] Init rolls: Solomon : 13 Isaac : 14 Jayce: 15 / 6 Harold: 10 Victor: 7

Round 1:
Acamoth Laughs
15. Jayce laughs and holds
14. Isaac shoots [2 succ] vs agrobola
13. Solomon goes after agrobola to close the distance
12. Angobola steps backward and disappears
12. Guy at the desk says “No need to fire, put down your weapons.”

Composure + Gnosis
[3 succ]

None of us was affected. 10. Tries to stealth around the edge of the room. (Dex+Stealth) [3 suc] 7. Victor attempts to control spirit vs Acomoth. (Resistance 10) [5 succ] > [3 succ] = [2 succ] “Take no action , offensive or defensive.” 6. Jayce takes his action and attacks acomoth (Celestial Fire) [6 succ – AG damage] but takes 4 bashing damage for it. Jayce now goes here. The celestial fire seems to hit a barrier, streaks of blood lightning, shatters, and strikes the demon."

Round 2:
16. Acamoth disappears.
Reflexively spends his action to counterspell. [3 succ] → [4 succ]
Harold reflexively makes Jayce reroll his spell.
Acamoth still disappears.
14. Isaac increases the bullet to size 3. We hear a scream behind him.
13. Solomon puts up Sense Consciousness [1 succ] Total of 10. (
12. Angrobola scream and says a screaming phase. He stands up, visible, and torso starts to reknit. We see the scars on his chest, black tentacle scars appear more.
12. Hidden guy stands up and yells “Stop”

Composure + Gnosis and need at least 3
solomon burns will. [4 succ]
we all succeed.

10. Harold continues to move stealthfully further into room [6 succ] 7. Victor heads toward the chair (12’ move) Weasel cannon… blasts a weaker cannon [2 succ] at Mystery guy. Victor sees the acamoth still in the chair (but on spirit side) 6. Jayce

Round 3:
16. Acamoth heals himself.
14. Isaac causes the floorboards and form a wall surrounding Mystery guy along with solomon. Preventing physical and sound through.
13. Solomon casts Augment Mind on self for Resolve (+1)

12. Angrobola reaches his hand into a shadow to grapple Isaac (misses) 12. Mr. Smith looks at Solomon “Pick up one of the coins.”

Solomon uses the boost plus a willpower. [2 succ]

10. Harold gives Jayce a boost (roll twice, 9 again, take better) 7. Victor attempts to give himself the ability to reach across the gauntlet. He takes 1 bashing from paradox. (The ferret) 6. Jayce celestial fires at agrobola. (-5 due to prime shield) [10 succ],[9 succ] = [10 ag] The fire hits his chest, causing him to fly back … and is gone.

Round 4:
16. Acamoth
14. Isaac checks on agrabola and sees a tare in the shadows. (hole in a cloth) Sees another shadow go through the hole while he watches. Then drops the walls
13. Solomon rakes against Mr. Smith [2 Succ] (Spending a willpower)
12. Mr. Smith attempts to attack back and with [-18 dice] and misses on a chance die.
10. Harold attempts to collect all the coins into a bag.
7. Victor attempts to place dream catcher on acamoth. Spirit + Gnosis (to activate fetish) There is a flash of red and black and a loud anguished sound fills the room. (Reaching through the gauntlet to do it)
Watching the devorer consume the acamoth. “This is fascinating and needs to be recorded for science.”

6. Jayce moves closer and casts a force bubble around Mr Smith, Harold, and Solomon. (1 more bashing from paradox and now is on wound penalities)

Round 5:
14. Isaac holds action
13. Solomon holds
12. Mr Smith tells harold “Give him a coin.” (meaning solomon)
Defensive roll [5 succ]
10. Harold casts to boost Solomon *lucky – bonus dice) then as move action and pulls out puzzle box.
9. Solomon swings [4 succ on two swings] against mister smith.
7. Victor looks at mr. smith with spirit sight. Sees some spirit stuff on him, potentially acamoth boosts
6. Jayce move closer.

Round 6:
14. Isaac notices Harold has a bag and a box in hand.
12. Mr. Smith says a word in latin and disappear.
Jayce attempts a counter spell and shatters the spell.
10. Harold boosts solomon and tries to open the puzzle box.
9. Solomon swings twice (another willpower) [2 succ] (he drops)
7. Victor sees something in a corner … small… goes toward it cautiously. He sees something jump from the corner and land on mr. smith.
Victor attempts to make a counterspell (spirit). [5 succ] but not enough to counter it. It was a scorpion now sitting on forehead. It stinger hits the forehead and they both vanish completely.
6. Jayce drops the forcefield.

Coins go in puzzlebox, Isaac seals it.
We feel a large amount of tingle in the air and bright red light flashses, and someone walks out of the shadows.
“Did you catch him?”
“We got the acamoth at least, the other guy got away after we knocked him out – backup scorpion.”

We return his stuff into his jeep.
We keep the coins for Gerard.
We keep some blood from the accountant.
We turn the puzzlebox into soul jar.

Everyone gets [+5xp, +1 arcane]

Solomon buys space 4.

This ends Thursday the 12th. (10pm ish) Consillium meeting is Saturday.

Soul jar, space 4 ward, Force bubble 5,
+1 willpower.

Friday the 13th, we all wake up.
Call Gerard – just get voicemail.
Harold calls up his mentor in Mysterium. “I’ll give you a minor favor to you and Gerard if you can get him to call me.”
Harold casts lucky [9 succ]

Within 5 minutes…
We tell Gerard we have 6 of the coins… “Were are you?” “home.” “Do I have permission?” “yes.”

A door forms and Gerard and four others come through.

Creepy guy pulls his hand forward and has a really long bone finger held. At the joints are pieces of lead. The wand pushes through the force bubble and touches the box. “I’ll take it.” We give it to him.
He opens his shirt and it disappears.

Creepy guy gets to the doorway, looks back at us. “Hmm.. interesting..” then leaves."

Gerard “There will be consequences .. but I am willing to pay for them. I had to call in a favor to come so quickly.”

“That is Mister Smith. Before he was taken, it was said he was a sleep walker. Common enough in our society but rare.”
(Description of sleep walker)

“An acamoth killed hades’s wife.”

“Will you be at the meeting on Saturday?” “Yes.” “There will be individual meetings there. I expect to see you two. (Isaac and Solomon)”
Gerard and two guards go back through doorway.

+1 more Normal XP



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