Heirs of Atlantis

Consilium Meeting


Friday, continued.

“I don’t know why I eat this stuff.. maybe if we weren’t having to defend ourselves all the time I could watch my diet better.” muttered Solomon. Getting some energy back from the food and glancing at the clock to find it was already 22:00 he stood up. “I’m going to be for a while I need to re-ward the house.” The mastigos mage then began chanting to erect another space ward over the whole sanctum.[For an indefinite duration he needed 4 successes; for the size 6 more are needed; and for a potency of 5 a target of 15 is needed.]

Victor himself felt that Brownstone was rather depleted after the engagements and needed his own recharge. Crossing over to the spirit realm the two went hunting toward the farmlands of Boston. [Noted: It is a half moon out] Once into more open areas they came across one region that had more arcane markings. Deciding it would be best not to trespass they continued onward to regions further out.

After over three hours Solomon knew he was very close to finishing (14/15) so he kept pushing himself using the last bit of willpower he had after that long day. [Stamina check, spending a willpower] As the ritual came to a close a wave of energy spread over the entire sanctum erecting a potency 10 space ward. {3,4,7,6} His tired condition left him too exhausted to be able to tie off the spell, so he must maintain it. Curling up on the couch Solomon passes out, far too tired to even crawl up to his room. [Solomon is at 0/4 willpower and 7/12 mana at this point in time.]

Still hunting, Victorsends out a spirit flare to indicate his presence in another region that looks promising for the hunt. After a few minutes, a bunch of feline house cats show up. One comes up and sets down in front of Victor. The black cat with shining green eyes looking up at him appeared to have a very strong presence.

“Greetings, my friend and I are looking to hunt. We just want to be sure we are not infringing on anyone’s territory.” The cat measures him in silence for a moment. Replying, “Thanks for telling me” she simply walks away. Sometime close to dawn Victorand Brownstone return, with both resting not long after.


[After their rest everyone regains 1 willpower.]

Around 7:30 in the morning Isaac, Shanon, and Jayce all wake up.
Jayce stumbles down the stairs from his room, wearing running shorts and a t shirt, ready to go out for his standard morning jog. He dashes out the door leaving Shanon and Isaac on the couch watching TV.

Along his jog Jayce runs past an old rundown house that he remembers seeing, but has not run by it in a while. Wanting to check it out later Jayce writes the address down and as soon as he gets back he approaches Isaac.

“Hey, we need to go check out a house – It’s all spooky and stuff.”

Isaac replies, “If you’ll stop pestering me about it, we can check it out.”

In the middle of a conversation, Solomon walks into the kitchen. Jayce turns to him and says, “Hey, we’re going to check out a house can you keep an eye on Shanon?”

“You know, I could just save you the trip there and we could take a look at the house from here…” Solomon replies.

“Oh yeah..”

Solomon mumbles a few words attempting to form a scrying window to the described location. [16 dice – 10 for ‘described’, getting 0 successes] “Ugh, sorry. I must still be tired from our long day yesterday.”

Just then there came a rapping upon our kitchen door.

“Who is it?” inquires Isaac as be begins to pull out his gun from his robe’s pocket.

A small voice replies, “I’m here to deliver a message.”

Isaac readies the gun and slowly opens the door, pointing his gun right at… a small winged fairy.

You can pickup your cabal mate.
“Can I interest you in some pizza?”
“I’ll take some honey though.”
“Thimblefull or shotglass.”
“Can I come in?”

Jayce and Isaac (Isaac) driving goto get harold (picking him up first) with the intention of going by the house on the way back.

Meanwhile Solomon casts (2 more mana) and is now 1/4 willpower and 5/12 mana
Diplomat’s Protection [4 succ]
Mind/Space shield
Prime/Life sight

At the hospital. “We did take an abyssal entity out of him.”
The guy pushes a button on his desk, and everyone feels a tingle over them. “I protected the area because I’m about to say some sensitive information.”

What we took out, was a old roman coin .
Isaac: Denarian, out of a set of 30
Yeah, ok. He is going to be rather scarred for the next month or so
Good, that will teach him to be more careful.
My suggestion would be to have him to drink some of this, (couple of drops in a glass of water everyday – which will dampen his psychic sensitivity.
I’ll administer the dosage.
Fantastic. I’d also keep him away from any strong negative emotion for a while because he has a gaping wound on his soul which could be easily filled by some possession.

We should take a vacation… (banter about disneyland)

Jayce. “This means you can’t be mean to him… for a month. This is going to be so much fun for me.”

The guy presses the button again, calls an orderly in. Harold is shown in, he is very tired.
A blue siren goes off, he checks his pager then runs. (The doctor)

They get in the car and drive home.

Harold. “What the hell happened?”
Isaac pulls over the car, and speaks seriously. “Harold. (sigh) Do you remember those people that we were fighting that had the coins?”
Yeah, the denarians.
Well one of them managed to get one into you.
Was it when those girls died?
I dunno.
Jayce: “Probably the best assumption.”
Isaac: “Well, they removed it from you, and you’re going to need time to recover. Your soul isn’t as resilient as it normally is, and you just need rest.”
Harold. “So all run sucks.”
Isaac: “Yeah, it’s like the flu when you were a kid, but no school. But you need that rest because you might be vulnerable to attacks.”

Isaac drives the rest of the way home, rather than stopping at the house, avoiding it.

Solomon takes the girl to the kitchen and she goes through like 7 meals because she’s starving.

Victor sleeps ~5 hours until 1pm.
It’s now about 1:30, and they get back to the house.

Solomon goes down to the subbasement to work out (stretch, limber, etc).
Meditates [3 succ] = {+3 willpower) and goes to 4/4 willpower and 5/12 mana

Harold wants to cast a spell to prevent “gaffs” for the political/social scene.
5 for one each, 6 for duration, 1 for succ. so needs 12. Harold is going to ritually cast it and aim for the 12. [19 succ]
12 ettiquite:
2 for Jayce, 2 for Solomon, 2 for Victor, 3 for Isaac, 3 for Harold

Isaac goes to temple, and would gain willpower if he wasn’t at full already.
Victor goes to home depot and looks for supplies and goes back to decorate his area.
Jayce is going to work on refilling the bowl with essence, blowing away rock. (18 mana)
Isaac buys Status: Jewish Community – 1

Isaac is talking to his mentor about fallen angels and the denarians.
He pulls from his pocket 3 glass vials. The liquid inside is varied. When they touch Isaac’s hands they tingle in power. Do not drink these tonight, but they will come in handy.
The blue one has blessings from Hod. It will close wounds that you may have.
The golden one is a imbuing of Ket-ter. (Crown). Prime shield.
The brown one is most difficult. It is a imbution of Malkhut (Kingdom). This lets you swim through the kingdom, earth. It will last less than five minutes.

Meanwhile, Harold and Jayce are messing around in the basement with throwing targets and skills.

Solomon wears his armor and suit.
Everyone wears the hat, solomon lets shanon uses his cap. Isaac makes sure they look good.
Everyone wears a suit, isaac shapes a suit for shanon.

We then go.

Ms. Blackthorne, the provost of the free council.
There is almost no parking.
we park on the roof.

We see about 200 mages at the meeting.
We get waived through security.

Solomon makes a note to create a pocket realm later and to check out getting a job as a warden.
The main area has been decorated out in a fall design.
[2succ guys]: Overall feel of excitement, because hasn’t been a large gathering.
[4succ (solomon)]: Underlying sense of tension, but not sure where it coming from. People are talking in whispers.
[6succ (harold)]: Catch snippets. There has been another death. OMG, did you hear that she was murdered.

Prime sight shows 90% of the room with eyes glowing.
Harold notices a lot of interconnections and ignores it mostly.
Harold hears that “Ronnie Jazz” was the woman that was murdered.

A gong sounds.
In place of Ronnie Jazz at her seat for the leader of free council, we see Ms Blackthorne.
In place of Marcus, Kim Chun is sitting in his seat for the Arrow.
Also, in the center where the 5 hirachs would be, one of the lights is out.

Sitting to our right is the “Dead Wrens” the owners of the establishment Emerald Scroll.
To our left in the middle of the seating areas is “Putnam” one of the two oldest cabals in the city. (Snobbish/elite)
Further to the left is the “Ebon Noose.” the pagans but are mostly in salem.
There is a single person between “Putname” and “Ebon Noose”, a well dressed, young woman, simple grey power suit. Very Neutral. hair up in a bun.
She is a member of the largest cabal in the world, “Diplomatic Immunity.”. There is noone within a few chairs of her in all directions.
About the space of a cabal, mostly out of respect.

(The 5 dot casting together merit is 10xp only because you can’t buy it and ‘level it up’)

15 mins go by, a second gong goes and the doors are closed.
There are three doors, two wardens at each door behind the seating section.
A protocol is followed to start the event.

First order of business to make announcements.
1) Ronnie Jazz has been murdered.
2) Marcus also has passed.
3) Although it wasn’t known while she was alive, for the past 15yrs she was active as member of the hidden council.
4) The choice for the new member will be made as it normally is, in secret. A message will be sent out when someone has been chosen.
5) Six cabals have gone missing within the state, three of which were based in boston.
6) There will be individual meetings later this meeting.
Now open for business.
1) One member of a cabal “Shadow Chorus” steps forward. Androg figure dressed in a robe and a butt ass fugly mask on. “Ku su”
{Cabal of four guardians of the veil. who they are is unknown.}

“A vision had we, the shadow chorus, fallen kings taking up their weapons again. A vision had we, the fallen chorus, the abyss comes to strike. Who wear the leeches, who wear our skin, and look to the aid who would be our kin.” Then the figure turns on their heel and walk back to their seat. 2) Isaac steps up. “I think it can be agreed upon by all that are here that the attacks are becomming more frequent and vicious. My own cabal has been attacked twice in the last 48 hours, in our own sanctum. I would like to put forward the suggestion that we as an organization, if we are to survive, need to be more proactive in our defense. To quote an underrated but brilliant strategist. ‘A good defense is a good offense.’ I know the wardens are good and the concillium has done its just well, but in a very reactive sense.” Isaac nestor, leader of the silver ladder, “Do you propose, to be the one to take this active hand?” “It is not my nature to do such a thing. I am a craftsman by trade, it is what I do. But, six cabals… dead? The heads of two orders.” “We have not confirmed them dead, just missing.” “Missing then. Attacks happening on sanctums…” Melissa Blackthorne, a well known psychotherapist in the city. “Your point does have merit, and Isaac (Nestor), I do think we should consider it.. or to get the AA to do something a little more focused.” Kim nods, “We were thinking something of that. Due to Marcus’s recent hospitalization we have been working on restructuring. It has been taking us some time.” (slight snicker from the crowd from young ones) “When can we start seeing some of the benefits of these reorganmizations.” Kim “Good question, I propose we form a committee to choose members enact your proposal. One of this committee has to be a current member of the wardens. Any seconds?” Melissa and Diana bracsome (GoV) both second. “I’d like to make a second proposal, if I may.” A heirach (Mastigos) nods. “I’d to propose a communication mechanisms between cabals, so smaller cabals that are less able to defend themselves would have a mechanism…” (So every cabal has a point of contact in another cabal) The moros heiarch speaks up “This is a good idea, do it.” Nestor (SL) “Are you done?” “I suppose, thank you very much for your time.” He goes back to his seat. 3) Putnams comes up. A few bland things. They are expanding their territory, blah blah 4) Leader of the dead wrens (Jack Sparrow). Reminds everyone that emerald scroll is neutral ground. He lists off some people that broke the neutral space and owe major favors. Those people are then called forward. Four are found guilty, one was not. A minor boon was given to the one who was not (wrong place, wrong time). The others owe the wrens major boons recorded publicly. He points at one of the individuals, your boon is called in now. Holds a scullury maid’s outfit, to be worn for the next month. 5) The ebon noose has more boring business. People will be getting invitations to the masquarade, to be held two sat’s from now. Oh yes, location will be new this year.

A few of the wardens have black eyes.

After the formal meeting…

Harold goes with Solomon to the AA meeting. Kim takes notes and will handle them in regard to his boon with Marcus.
Harold thens goes to hand on business cards.

Solomon tells Kim "I’m interested in becomming a warden, and I want to help out with whatever comes out of the committe. I do think my skill set will be useful to the Arrow and the concilium as a whole in this time of need. But for the politics for now, I’ll head over to the mysterium meeting and discuss the possibilities. "

Kim replies, “Damn you mastigos and preparing speeeches in your head, I’ll see you at the dojo on monday if the world doesn’t end by then.”

Kim asks Solomon if he was attending the AA meeting or the Mysterium meeting.

Mini Birds, joined the legacy that Victor is interested in. (He was digging up info on it)

Mysterium meeting.
Librarian Gerard and Thomas Book are there.
Who we notice is not there.. (The tall gaunt figure is not there)
There are about 25 people here.

We’re looking around at a weird ecclectic group of people. We notice a cabal there. One looks like Laura Croft, another like a female indiana jones. They are “Archeomancers” a faction within mysterium that focus on archeologoy and dealing with magic atlantis. They talk about classes available, etc. Scriptorums are a warehouse of rotes is open again. A local spot for a sensor and a curator have opened up in boston. Isaac notices that only four members of the mystagues here are higher than issac. (Gerard and book are two obviously, the other two are visiting) Isaac speaks to the laura croft mage, she talks about water bending. But he talks in general of his experiments with matter magic.

Free Council:
Couple of groups of technomancers, one group “Datamancers” who focus on internet, programs, etc. They give an update on the free web.
There is a time of silence for ronnie.
Midway through the meeting they notice Harold isn’t there, Victor txt’s Harold. “Where you at?”
“Hiding, death threat.”
Jayce offers to go find him.

Strategos. (Person who has an expertise in one area) There are a couple of members of them. Michael crucible is strategos for crafting/arch. There is a woman, Sonja, older woman. Crew cut, grey hair. She looks like she should have been in the Arrow. She is the strageos for war/defense. She makes some proclamations that everyone needs to go around in small groups at all times. (Safety in numbers) And to use that jewish fellows idea to create tag lists. By the end of the meeting, everyone has a text will phone lists for emergency. On Jayce’s list… Mellissa Blackthorne On victor’s list… Crucible On Harold’s list… (random) Jayce is looking for Harold and the shadow chorus members and does manage to find Harold. “You know everything we’ve gone through lately, and how we’ve handled it. I’m interested in becoming a warden, and helping the consilium, the mysterium, and my cabal all together. I’ve already spoken to Kim Chen in passing just before out meeting since I’ve had a lot of interaction with the arrow and the perfected adepts. I’m interested in your thoughts.” Chicago, San Fran, and Colubmus (which has the second largest anatheum)

The head of the wardens, Sonja in free council. Isaac puts his name in for the position.




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