Heirs of Atlantis

Deadly Consequences

Harold asks:
“Does the group sleep within 100 feet of each other?” – Yes

Tuesday early morning:

Solomon casts “Finder” with 2 succ, and Int + Science for 3 succ to get a bearing, drawing this upon a map starting at the house.

Solomon then goes to work and a break casts “Finder” again with 6 succ, and Int + Science for 2 succ to get another bearing, drawing this upon a map to get a rough location. Calling the rest of the cabal they decide to meet for lunch in the south end. {A bit north of Wash Park. Wash street at blue hill ave}

Rough plan is to portal the vampires to several miles above death valley.

Harold asks:
“If we execute our plan will any passing aircraft be witness within next 3 days?” – No
“How many ground born witnesses at that location?” – 5

Once we meet for lunch Solomon casts “Finder” once again with 1 succ, then does resolve + composure to hold it (>=1 succ) until we walk past a boarded and condemned looking house.

While sitting in a car Solomon casts a sry window and then opens a telepathic connection (4 succ) to all but Harold).

We walk through the house using the scry window:
Victorian style with boston flair.
Steps up from the foyer.

Wits+Investigation shows that disturbed footprints in dust leading downstairs and the power is active.
Irwin(ferret) tries to get a piece of the house and managed to come back with a screw from the basement window.
Trying to move the scry window into the basement using the basement door finds resistance; same with the outside basement window (boarded up). Floor into basement does not though.

Some footprints into the attic. The attic… is a mess; it appears much like one of the crime scenes causing two from the car to lose their lunch out the window.

The list of names from the blood hunt: we expect five vampires.
Using mind sight – 4 consciousness are detected that are sluggish, 3 are more active.
Using life sight – 3 are only found.
Using spatial map – we see one tied up female, two ‘lapdog’ humans, and 5 vampires. One of which wasn’t showing up with mind/life. Also a few dead bodies.

Using prime sight/aura perception, dark/blood magic is seen on the door and window and a flickering aura on the last vampire. Two humans on floor are human with streaks of paleness. Girl chained up is weakened human. The little girl vampire has a silver cord rising out of body.

Plan of attack: Victor summons an earth elemental to get girl out, while Isaac makes a steel window to see first floor so that he can make the first floor white phosphorous. Solomon keeps an eye on the basement to be sure nothing escape and to signal when girl is ok. Jayce is to keep fire controlled, while Harold drives the car.

Earth spirit agrees to save girl for 5 essence and stone with symbol. Girl severs self and tried to flee, Jayce ends up destroying the spirit, knocking himself out in the process.

Marcus is called “Problem dealth with, 1 innocent saved need mental and physical attention”
“Meet me at the usual place (aka consillium).

Women is taken away and short debriefing with marcus.
Harold picks Marcus’s badge/wallet.
“Technically broke the veil”

Marcus asks Harold to be back at noon tomorrow.

Arriving back at the house we notice dog missing, found dead in back yard. Dragon spirit was unable to speak of events. Turns out dragon had a compulsion put on it, Victor spends the night removing it.

Post cognition shows 3 people:
1) Fatigues
2) Goth clothes (no chains) greasy black hair
3) Irish women (teenage) but tougher

girl hops to a higher window and uses a necklace that opens window. Fatigues does same to back door. Goth guy takes out dog.

All get +2Arcane XP
All get +5 XP
All get +1 Map XP (Thanks to Jayce)
Online Notes +XP



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