Heirs of Atlantis

Late July

Late July

Harold is strapped to a table, while Isaac, Jayce, and Solomon are separated into rooms. Harold is strapped down with multiple straps, chin/head, plasticy thing in mouth.

Harold tries to escape, fails.
Harold attempts to cast a fate spell to help (fails), and notices he cannot feel his source of magic. It creeps him out, and he spends a willpower to attempt to escape again.

“Mr. Thomas.. please don’t do that again.”

insert Charlie Brown’s Teacher’s voice

A doctor walks into each of our rooms (Isaac, Jayce, Solomon) questioned us about the day’s events.

(Wits+Occult) for those with mind or prime active.
Jayce and Isaac each have 3 succ.

The doctor has some spells active. One or more mind spells, prime, and space. {Prime Sight, Magic Shield, Prime occulation}

Two orderies come in to hold Harold and a hypo needle is applied to sedate him.

Dr. mattingly is kept under watch. The half twin stabilized but unlikely to last the night. The Hiarch has been notified. (One of five hidden people)

1.5 – 2 hours go by. Orderlies come in “Your presence is wanted this way…”

We are now together

Tall imposing figure in a dark black robe with a symbol of mastigos. The figure nods to us and then motions toward a door then enters the room, pauses, does a head nod, then we follow into the room.

In the room is the one left over twin hooked up to medical equipment. Entwined wood/snakes along both arms. And a giant leech on the chest of the figure. Someone standing in the background (other than the mastigos). The feint sound of a heartbeat drumbeat. A smell of primal crispness and acidic death and decay.

The hiarch reaches out a gloved hand (silver color). The guy on the bed opens his eyes and looks around then starts to scream. The hand waves again and it stops. The twin has a look of eternal pain upon him.

“What questions do you have for him before I begin my interrogation?”

“Why did they attack us?”

“You were attacked because you were holding the key.”

“The girl?”


“Who do you work for?”

…. “-

“What is she the key to?”

“Don’t know, we were just told to grab her.”

“Should we expect more coming after us?”

“Legions..” the body shakes and twitches. “There are a few more groups.”

“Do they have the same information that you do?”

“By now I’m sure.”

“What was that cauldron?”

{some word that sounds like a call of chutulu ancient god name}

“What did you want with the doctor?”

“Her knowledge and her sacrifice.”

“Did you get any of her knowledge.”

“Of course we did, so did it.”

“Given that it is at the bottom of the ocean…”

“That is one location… it probably has been moved by now.”

“Do you know when the next time .. or next group that will attack us?”

“What is your group called, and what is its goals?”

“Serpents of Eden, inline with the seers of the throne but we are better than them.”

“Is there any link between you and the denarians.”

he goes to answer and his whole body shutters.

“Where is the person you work for?” “I have no idea.”

“Where is your contact in the organization, and who is it?”
“We already killed him.”

“What does your organization fear the most?” “We don’t fear anything.”

“Are you the bearer of one of the coins?” “no.”
“Do you know any of the bearers?” “yes.”
“Where can we go…” “Hell”

…{soul crafted}

Soul crafting we think is something like a legacy.. and by the tone
of his voice is referring to left handed or unique legacies.

The hiarch starts asking questions of his legacy. He was part of twins
that rebound their souls together. In that fusing they were two that
became one that became two.

More questions about attaintments…

Then an odd question “Where is the chalice and rod?”
Answer: “55 24”

He asks about what rotes he has {….}
If he has stashes of stuff {….}
locations are listed. One is a swiss safe deposit box with a 14 digit code. (given)

“Do you have any further questions?”

“Do you have any suggestions?”
{Funny head quirk}

“Does who you work for know you are answering these questions.”
“Not a chance in hell.” {hiarch}

“We’re done” and nods to the guy in the corner, then the twin flatlines.
“I expect you all to be there tomorrow.” {he leaves}

We ask about Harold and go see the doctor.
Harold is awake and is as sane as he was before paradox.

Jayce calls Victor and keeps him up to date.

Harold is given a business card “Dr. Diane Brackston.”

At the house.. the girl wakes up.
“I’m hungry.”
Victor gets her some food.
Brownstone grumbles something about “the spirits in the area have been swept clear”
(in spirit)

We decide to take the tram home.
A few stops from home, we notice.. we’re the only ones in this car.
People are coming from forward and back (red colored group, blue colored group) but are in separate cars.

Isaac attempts to fuse both doors on each side shut. (Trying to shut them out of our car) The spell unravels due to disbelief from sleepers. Harold puts up time armor. We stand close the doors, with solomon standing in front of the two of them. isaac’s phone starts to ring. (He mutes it) Solomon’s phone goes off. The gang members look over at the three white boys. Harold says “Hi, we’re just leaving.” Solomon says “Talk later” and goes to hang up.

“No esse… you ain’t going no…” <click> is what jayce hears

Jayce is casting invis and speed on himeslf [6 succ]

isaac attempts to shape air [3 succ]

6 members in each group
Solomon init 15
harold init 12
crypt init 12
blood init 11
house init 10
victor init 9
isaac init 8
Assailants init 4

Solomon holds action

harold pulls out juggling his playing card, holding action to toss a card at someone that attacks us.

Crypts (on the right of us). 3 fire at the bloods, 2 come toward us aggresively. 1 stands there.

Bloods (left of us) 1 comes toward us, 4 shoots {1 at us}, 1 stands back.
{Critical fail on chance die for shot at isaac with gun, there is a bump in the track, and shoots his ally in the back of the head… shooting brain matter against the air wall.} [1 suc removed from air wall]

House – sirens go off. “We’re being attacked.”

Victor asks brownstone where the attack is coming from. “Back and front.” Spirit or normal. “Stuff is only coming from reality.” Tells the girl to run into the basement and goes with her toward the subbasement. Tells brownstone to defend and then retreat if need be.

Isaac – Casts another shape air [2 succ]

Brownstone resist [3,6,2]
The house shakes a bit and a loud dragon roar.

Harold curses the area. [4 succ]
Solomon mentally attacks both leaders [0 succ]
Solomon mentally attacks both leaders [0 succ]

Harold attempts to antagonize the two brutes approaching us while juggling his cards….. and drops the cards. Harold has 6 mana on his person now.

The two crypts try to grapple us and both failed. The wall collapses.

One of the crypts manages to shoot harold (1 lethal)

Bloods shoot and manage to wound Isaac with 1 lethal.

Brownstone attempts to harrow [3 succ] the assailants. (Fear)
He roars at them and they are badly feared.

We receive a text message from victor that the house is being assaulted
Victor goes back upstairs and attempts to cross over the gauntlet with irwin.

Isaac casts another shape air [3 succ]

Assailants: 5 people holding black colored chains with manacles. They are glowing an odd green sickly glow (manacles). One of the five smiles and points a femur bone at Victor, chanting a short phrase that is harsh and gutteral.
Three attack the house, one shackle goes onto brownstone. Defends against the other two, then the first is shaken off. the last is cowering.

Solomon attempts to mind blast red leader. [0 succ]

Harold attempts to pick the pocket of the brute next to him, and fails hitting the airwall takes 2 bashing.

Crypts go. The one next to harold attempts to punch him and fails by hitting the glass window.

{jayce attempts to go faster to get home, taking a bashing as he does that [3 succ]}

The one on the ground attempts to grapple harold because he is close and couldn’t attack solomon. [2 succ]

The wounded one remaining attempts to flee, the non wounded shoots his gun at crypts.
The bloods leader mutters something in spanish and leaves. The unwounded blood fires at the unwounded crypt and kills him. The wounded blood fires at us and his gun jams and then leaves the board.

Brownstone – blasts one of the ones attempting to chain him.
3 gnosis, 13 dice [6 lethal] The guy falls to his knees as chicken fried chicken.

Victor – Casts honing the form on himself. (Buffs his dexterity +3)
Ferret attacks guy, chance die.

Isaac – Holds his action

Assailants –
2 guys with shackles: Brownstone gets one set of shackles on him
Bone guy: Casts a spell at Victor (same one as before)
1 guy still fear.

Solomon delays
Harold casts a spell to buff Solomon. {+4 to next mundane skill}
Solomon does {1 bash} {1 bash} to guy grapling harold.

Guy grappling Harold tries to pull harold .. and fails. But doesn’t let go.
“Bad touch.. bad touch”

Other guy trying to punch harold misses and hits the glass with his other fist, blooding it too.
Single remaining blood attempts to shoot then runs.

Air wall drops

Brownstone blasts the guy who has chained him. (2 gnosis spent)
[4 lethal]

spends ferret to reality and blasts the same guy brownstone. [2 lethal]
Victor uses his staff vs bone guy: 10 – 4, 6 dice + will = 9
[3 agg]
Eats a mana

Isaac – Holds

Assailants –
1 cowering in corner runs over with their shackles, misses.
injured does nothing
other shackle guy attacks brownstone and does not bind.
bone guy/death mage:

“Well …. fuck.” He says something that kind of seems like a name.
Two figures appear in front of Victor in the spirit realm. They raise their arms and scream. Victor rolls resistance. [1 lethal from first] [0 from second]

Death mage drinks from a flask.

Harold – attempts to boost solomon again [+3]

Solomon: [1 bashing again]

Grappling guy pulls Harold down onto his back and takes 1 bashing from falling down.

Othe guy attempts to grapple issac and it works.

Brownstone attempts to fire on the death mage:
[7 lethal] The death mage falls to his knee.
Ferret attempts to gnaw on death mage:
[2 lethal]
Victor fires staff at one of the ghosts. [3 agg]
“You do not belong, your master is dead.”
(Intimidation) [1 succ]

Isaac – “You really really shouldn’t grapple people while your face is one fire.” He then spits on the guy and turns it into lye. {Takes 1 bash from paradox} [needs 3 to work] the spell fizzles and so he just spits.

Assailants -
1 former cowering fails
1 shackle attempts to shackle brownstone and hits. (Brownstone falls to the floor with a scream)
1 injured does nothing
2 ghosts double harrow? [3 succ] Fears Victor and he wants to run.

Harold buffs Solomon

Solomon [5 bash then 4 bash]…. and the guy collapses.

The other guy attempts to head butt isaac. [1 bash]

Brownstone is … quiet.

Victor runs through the portal and back into reality and then blasts a chain. [4 succ] (Chain is fragile)

Ferret blasts injured guy. [4 lethal] killing him who was holding a chain on brownstone. Brownstone stirs somewhat.

2 guys
Chain attack toward ferret … misses.
The one holding a chain on brownstone: he drops the chain and pulls out a gun and shoots at victor. [4 lethal]

2 ghosts starts to manifest

Harold buffs Solomon

Solomon Mentally causes fear on the guy instead of punching [3 succ]
Spends a second willpower and is down to 1.
The guy runs.

Brownstone does [5 lethal] to the non gun guy.
Ferret blasts the guy with the gun. [2 lethal]
Victor fires at the injured ghost and runs back through the door. [3 agg]


1 guy starts running to the basement.
2 ghosts finish manifesting on wrong side and turn on the ferret.

[3 lethal dmg to ferret] [2 dmg to brownstone]

harold buffs solomon
Solomon teleports home. [1 bash]

Brownstone goes after the running guy, blasting at him. [5 lethal]
Guy is still standing
Ferret runs after, but unable to blast.
Victor heals on himself

Issac and Harold get off the train.

Ghost vs Brownstone [2 dmg]
Ghost vs Ferret [4 dmg] … ferret goes poof.
The guy went through the floor into the sub basement

Solomon sees charred remains all over livingroom. couch is gone.
And the smell is horrid. Starts heading for the basement double movement.

Brownstone does not see or sense the bad guy, nor the girl.
He attacks one of the ghosts. [5 lethal] killing it.

Solomon buffs composure [+2]
Solomon looks around and finds a hung portal.
Solomons scrys bowl [6 succ]
badly injured guy
the girl is grappled and is on her knees.
2 other guys
they are in a nice house

one of the other guys is mister smith.

Solomon reopens the portal
Solomon has Mind/Space shield
Solomon has Diplomat’s Protection
Solomon has Resolve Boost (6 eff)
Solomon has Composure Boost (4 eff)

9 again on next three rolls

Isaac 16
Victor 15
Mr Smith 14
Jayce 14
Harold 11
Solomon 9
Generic bads 9

Isaac converts the air around a guy’s head into acid, spends mana to make it ag. Two bashing from paradox. [9 agg – 2 = 7 agg] guy drops.

Victor attacks the other guy holding the girl with the staff. [4 lethal] and kills the other guy holding the girl.

Mr. Smith
Solomon resists 6 and passes
jayce passes with 6 (willpower)
Isaac passes with 5
Victor passes with 6
Harold does not succeed.

Jayce attempts to dispel diplomat’s on mr smith and it works

Harold is in a mindscape.. pulled within your soul stone. Internal war.

Solomon hits him with [1 bash] Mr. Smith.
Remaining normal bad guy attempts to attack solomon and cannot.
Ghosts harrow blast (mental)
Jayce, Isaac, Victor: Fear, cower.
{Jayce might be able to work through his fear due to prior rp}

Issac feels like his is surrounded by neonazis and they are beating him up and he runs to protect the girl.

Victor blasts a ghost [7 lethal+] and runs back through portal.

Mr. Smith chance die telekensis and flops.

Jayce shrugs it off and beams at Mr Smith with celestial fire choosing to do bashing. [10 bash] He slumps over, and there is a hole in his coat from the blast. Jayce runs over and grabs the bowl.

Harold , the spell has ended and he sees the portal but there is a whisper in the back of your head. Casts a spell, speeds up, runs through portal and tries to grab bowl but can’t get it out of jayce’s hands.
Solomon causes fear in remaining guy [3 succ] and wins.

Guy runs into corner with fear.
Ghost starts to laugh and goes away.

A shadow falls over mister smith.
Isaac walks up to mr smith and readies the gun and asks jayce to examine.

Victor steps back through portal and attempts to persuade harold to let go of the bowl.

Jayce examines mr smith for spells and doesn’t see any spells but feels something.

Harold “If he pulls the trigger, what the hell is going to happen?” [7 succ]
– It doesn’t matter if he pulls the trigger or not. “His soul will have the same fate either way.”

Solomon – portal closes and he goes over to the girl.

Mr Smith screams and decomposes, and all that is left is a small statue.

Isaac gets handcuffs and cuffs the remaining guy

We search his pockets and make sure nothing else is left.

Victor does healing on Harold and Isaac.

Statue is boxed.

Jayce and Solomon go back to the house with the girl, bowl, staff, etc.
{1 bashing}

Victor, Isaac, and Harold wait at the scene.

Consiullium arrives in 10 mins, the guys in mystical suits show up.

They hold wands to ‘scan’ those three. When they get to harold. some sounds go off. harold attempts to cast a spell to send them into the future and it fails. They force his arms behind his back and put on manacles*. It severs his connection with magic, and has a -10 to escape. Harold starts to scream and crying like a ‘12 year old’ girl and ask for Isaac.

He hands Isaac a business card. “Call if you don’t hear from us by noon tomorrow.”

The coin is removed from Harold. He is at all but two bashing.
Derangement for 1 month (his choice) due to the trauma.

Clean up crew shows up at the house, and checks over us and what not.

It’s about 9:30pm, we order pizza.
The area of the bowl is filled with death.

[+5 xp, +1 arcane xp]



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