Heirs of Atlantis


Hats count the same as “Mental Shield” when worn.

It was found that the bowl is made of dragonbone.
Spells cast within the house are reduced by 1 mana in cost.

Harold goes spelunking in the basement and doesn’t get stuck after Isaac carves out the basement.

Jayce goes adventuring, listening to police frequencies for options – wearing his all black wetsuit armor with a head/helmet and gloves. His chest has a sunburst on the back. During his first encounter he ties up the bad guys and notifies the police by a pay phone.

Isaac transmutes the walls of the center basement chamber to strength and waterproof them. Granite|silicate glass. (Isaac is allowed to purchase architecture and another dot of crafts)

Harold goes outside, strips naked, tosses clothes and then notices the neighbor with kids staring. Afterward he asks the normal questions:

When will our next mage visitor show up, ‘wanted or not’ ? – Tomorrow
Who will it be? – (Monjot knows the answer, Ray does not}
Is it a desirable visitor for us? – Yes

Life mage takes the time to bond with the house and dragon. The dragon wants fire in the house.

Harold asks:

“Where can be on foot go do justice?” – downtown
(more specific) – Chinatown
“What should be do?” – Combat
“With whom?” – Your enemies
“Which look like?” – Tall, built, buff, bald headed

Isaac then decides to goto the library for research, finding 10 books – 2 books each on five styles of architecture. Jayce and Harold go along and run off to look for trouble toward chinatown. It takes them about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, back at the house Solomon is just relaxing and watching tv. He sees a cell phone video of “Jayce kicking ass” and is wanted for being a vigilante.

Downtown it gets dark, Jayce and Harold get separated during their run.

An anime redheaded woman runs past Jayce, with three skinheads chasing after her. She is wearing daisy duke jeans, a short blue denim jacket, tank top, bangles, combat boots, a necklace (copper key) and carrying a wooden stick. She runs east, south of chinatown. Jayce casts invis on himself (takes 1 bash from paradox) and attempts to follow. The lady comes to a halt and pulls out a sword. The guys crack their knuckles. One holds a chain, another a bat. They make rude remarks.

Fight ensues, obvious she casts spells without paradox. Jayce jumps in. (Turns out two of the 3 guys are sleepers, one is a mage). After a few rounds the bad guys run off. Harold runs up at the very end, pickpockets something out of the pocket of one of the running guys (carkeys).

Girl says “thank you, but leave, this is my territory and I don’t want to see you here again.” Both Jayce and Harold see her sword become a ring on her hand. She walks deeper into chinatown.

Harold attempts to kiss Jayce in the head of the moment, they make out in the alley.

Come Monday, Harold stays home to wait for the door. Life mage and Jayce goto work. Solomon goes to work and has another crime scene …. with the same modus operandi as the last vampire killing. Marcus wants it taken care of.

Around noon, Kodar (other matter crafting mage from the festival) comes to the house. He says his master is having him work on his research (second attainment).

Harold asks what an attainment is. Kodar explains what the guild is.

Harold: “Is there a thieves guild?”

It is explained that the legacies are a part of you, part of your soul.

Harold: “Yes, I’m a thief.”
Isaac: “Yeah, that is his soul.”

Kodar: “I brought two of the pieces I’ve been working on (suitcase)”
1) Blade wrapped in silk – looks 3D with magic symbols to matter mage. – having spent a year and a half working on it.
2) Glowing; cool green crystal. “This is what I want to talk to you about.” After a period of time the crystal shatters into pieces.

Harold says he needs a challenge. Isaac excuses themselves and gets a box.
“Inside the box is a chinese puzzle box. Inside that box is a lock. Open the lock, but don’t open the outer box.”

Solomon finds some info as before about the crime scene but this time finds a piece of purple shawl (sympathetic connection).
After arriving home, finding company, he workouts with Jayce until Jayce falls over tired.

Victor walks dog, sees the dog court spirit even larger. Harold asks annoying questions to the guest in an attempt to get him to leave, known solomon has something to talk to the house about.

After Kodar excuses himself, we talk as a group about the vampire problem. Harold stays at the house while rest goto library for research.

Vampire Knowledge:
Guns do “eh”
sunlight allergy
Stunned by stakes to the heart – tricky to do
have some magic but unknown
crosses and holy water are crap
do not have anything like paradox, their magic is different.
5 basic types:
fear loving
vampire politics is convoluted.

Lancea sanctum – christian cult believe vampires are damned they have to sin to take sins from everyone else. some can dominate by force of will. some can move really fast some can change shape some can even be seen in daylight.

Solomon asks Isaac how long it will take for more armor to be made.
Isaac is going to work on the armor and some wooden cards for harold.

Carving Atlantaen runes around the house will increase the duration of a ward, but if disturbed will drop the spell. Isaac forms the runes into hardened materials, allowing Solomon to cast a 17 potency space ward on the entirety of the house and basement.

OOC: Look for combo casting merit in Myst/Watchtower book

Solomon gets +5XP uploading notes
Jaybe + Solomon get 5XP (split how they decide) for pizza.
Everyone gets +5XP
Harold gets +1 Arcane XP (4xp free now)
Isaac gets +1 Arcane XP



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