Heirs of Atlantis



Sunday morning (15th) – Everyone gains another willpower

Friday the 20th was the dinner date (reservation)

Harold asks his questions for the day (4 questions)
Will our sanctum be violated today? [No.]
If Shanon leaves the house today and is at least accompanied by one of us will an attempt be made to kidnap her? [No.]
If any one of us leaves the sanctum today, will we be attacked? [Conditionally No. – i.e. we could bring it upon ourselves]

Harold looks up a football game that would occur that day.
Will the Pats beat the spread blah blah blah. [No.]

Harold goes to a quick-e-mart. On the way he notices a guy walking in the opposite direction and notices someone with a magical aura. He remembers the person from the concillium meeting as a member of the “Ebon Noose”. Harold sees him head to our brownstone, yells “howdy” but the guy waves and knocks on the front door.

Jayce opens the door.

“I am here to invite you to the masquerade on the 28th that we are holding.” (which will be a full moon)
“Very good.”
The guy hands Jayce an envelope with a stylized noose and filigree print: “Saughin masquarade.” “Costumes are required, or you will be turned away at the door.”

Jayce talking to Isaac, “We’re going to need costumes.”

Harold gets two tickets. First two [$0, $2]. He gets two more [$0, $1] He gets another [$500]
But he has to wait around to get the money. He blesses the clerk before leaving. (Fate) Harold then goes off to find a bookie, but is unable to find one and as it gets toward lunch time.. he starts to head home. As he walks back by the quick-e-mart, there are police cars and ambulances. The clerk was held up at gun point and got a flesh wound.

Victor hears a rumbling sound, Victor steps through the door.
“What’s up?”
Victor looks over and sees that there is a raven there. He then walks over and watches the raven drop an envelope. Victor goes back in to get tweezers and pocket knife, and goes back to open the envelope without touching it.

The note reads: “As per our previous agreement, does the [Wed] 25th work for you?”
“One moment please.”, Victor says to the raven and scrawls his own note:
“The evening of the 25th would be fine, where would you like to meet? Here is my cell phone (X)” Victor hands the note to the raven along with some food.

Solomon and Victor give Harold information where to find a bookie.
Solomon leaves a list of phone numbers with Shannon before heading out.

Solomon, Isaac, and Jayce goto the creepy house.
Solomon casts “Augment Mind on himself + Composure.” [6 dice, 4 success.] {Composure +3}
Victor is talking to brownstone and check our spirit stuff.
Harold appears to leave to bookie.

Victor notices that Shannon isn’t in the house.
“Do you know where she went?”
“Out the front door.”
“Where did she go?”
“She is following the one who sets me on fire (Harold)”

Victor sends a text message to Harold: “Is Shannon with you? Brownstone says she is. I just want to know.”
“This isn’t Schrodinger’s phone. Yes or no.”
“Yes, I’m with him, I’ll be fine.”
“Have fun kids, be safe. Wear a condom.”

Harold casts Fate armor and good luck on himself and Shannon.
Harold bets $440 on the game.
With some banter they both go to check on the horses.
With fate sight, Harold knows there are no other mages."
Harold wants to use Time 3 to see which horse will win this next race. [5 questions succ]
Who is going to win the first race [i-Phone]
Who is going to win the second race [Blue hair]
Who is going to win the third race [Sparkling britches]
Harold splits the $30 between him and Shannnon.
Harold is going to bet tri-fecta. A,B,C. {$10, $10, $10 – losing the first two times, but winning the three times}
Harold looks up to notice guys eating out of Shannon’s hand.
Harold wins $108,836 and forgets the other bet he made.
Harold spends $1000 to give people free drinks.
“Are you having fun? I just won 100,000 dollars.” to Shannon.
“These are my new friends. This is Matt, this is David, this is Leroy.”
“You want to stay here or head out.”
“Yeah, let’s go…. Shopping.”
“Yeah, that sounds good”
Harold and Shannon then leave, spending $29,000.
{He manages to bring home $78,000}

Solomon starts a scry in his head.
Isaac sees with death sight, a very cold, shadowy writhing as he looks at the house. It seems to get slowly stronger.
The house has a clock that seems to be counting up, rather than down.

This house is in nobody’s territory but is on the edge of our territory. {If it explodes, it’s ours…}

Solomon sees inside, a classically nice built house. Thick drapery complete with moth holes and falling apart due to age; the same is true with the furniture. Does not appear to be traffic. Things are knocked over here and there. Wits+Investigation [3 succ] In the basement, there is water damage. But there is a drip channel in the floor (pattern from flowing water). In the middle there is an off-white color. It is sharped familiarly. It appears to be a knuckle bone.

Isaac wants to goto a pharmacy to buy Nitro pills.
Isaac grants death sight on jayce and Solomon.
Jayce makes 1 succ, Solomon does not get any successes.
The house is dripping with blood, the shadows are writhing, and strong feel of dread. Solomon is feeling panicked.

We go head to get coffee and calm down. [The Espresso Bean]
The coffee and chai is really really good there.
Isaac gets a black house blend, Solomon gets a chai, Jayce gets a cookie.

Harold and Shannon go into a used car dealership and looks at used Corvettes.
He buys a ten year old corvette for $11,000, and both of them buy a lot of clothes. Harold tucks $3k away for personal use at some point later.

Isaac puts up prime sight and sees a vibrant and colorful (sharp flickering colors) for the barrista. Isaac somewhat stares at her, she smiles and makes a deliberate wink to Isaac.
We know it is not a ghost, a mage, a vampire, or a werewolf, he then thinks it might possibly be a fairy.

Brownstone wants to work with an electricity spirit, a cable spirit, and a grass spirit.
Victor then looks for hunting grounds in the territory, and awakens the lawn and other things.
Irwin has regenerated, but him and brownstone are low.

We have “Armor of the soul”5 + Prime5 shield on us {Jayce, Solomon, Isaac}
Isaac is attempting to summon ghosts to the backyard of the house.

Solomon has active
1. Mind/Space shield
2. Armor soul/prime shield
3. Diplomat’s protection
4. Composure boost.

After Isaac’s cast, the temperature drops like 50 degrees, we can see our breath. Shadows lengthen extending from the house. Half way from the house the shadows stop, squirming around and lashing.

“Does one of you speak for all of you?”
“No. No. of course not. Where is my ball? I can, of course I can.”

A viscous sludge, blobular – a tentacle reaches out to swipe at Isaac but misses because he isn’t close enough.

“Why are you in this place, why are you haunting this place.?”
“Why are you here. Why are you haunting this place?”
“Fair question. I was drawn here – because you are showing here to the outside world.”
“If you come here, I’ll show you why I’m here.”
“No, that’s alright. Why don’t you show me?”
“I just want my ball. I want my ball. Noo… no…”
“I know you can give me what I want, just take a few steps forward and come closer.”
“No. Who are you? Who were you?”
“I can’t answer that.”
“Just friendly conversation, I’d like to know who I’m talking to.”
“I do not know what I was, only what I am now.”
“What are you now?”
Gestures “This is what I am now” points to the house, and around.

“I see. And the others?’
“Companions. Lost souls. Others stuck here.”
“I’m presuming they weren’t lost before you get here.”
“Oh no, not me.”
“Is there someone else in there I haven’t talked to?”
“No. no. Just a memory, long gone. Why don’t you come closer.”
Isaac paces back and forth somewhat taunting.
“I’ve got candy. Or how about this nice ball?”
“I do like candy, but I’ll have to say no. I just had a nice cup of coffee, and those don’t really go well together. Well, thank you. You’ve been thoroughly unhelpful.”
It puts it arm out and shadow walk toward the house. “I’ve got candy inside, and I’ve got a nice new ball.”
Isaac drops the spells.
We head back to the coffee shop.

Isaac speaks to the barrista/owner about artwork. Come by Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

One brownstone about 3-4 blocks away that is mostly boarded up that could potentially be used as a hunting ground.

Northampton, is state scriptorum
When we get home there is static electricity in the air, and the cable is switching from channel to channel…

A Corvette pulls up to the house and parks and starts honking his horn.
“Isaac, you should come see this.” Jayce says.. watching Isaac.

Harold hands Isaac some money ($75k), Shannon does too “That’s my rent.”
We each got fedoras from Harold.

Shannon and Harold take their stuff to their rooms.

Isaac notices that Shannon is wearing a REALLY nice pink diamond necklace on her.
“That’s nice. Where did you get that?”
“A little shop. ‘Something Diamonds’” (Solomon looks at the necklace with prime sight… normal)

“That creepy house… is going to have to wait for a while. We’re not ready for it.”

“Money. It doesn’t look like it will be a issue for now. How do we want to handle it?”
House fund?

“Shannon, I’m a little disappointed that you went running off. But I’m not your mother.”
“His spell said I would be safe.”
“His spells are a bit loose.”

Brownstone wants the kitchen redone.

The phone rings (Victor’s)
“Hey. Got your message.”
“Oh. OK.”
“Neutral place.”
“Somewhere neutral…”
“How about… Carson Beach?” (It is not held by any mages) “So you know. that place is what we call a glade. No combat there. Period.”
“What time do you want to meet?”
“Before sundown.”

Isaac “Let’s goto a really nice restaurant.”

Isaac turns the car “deep iron-man suit red” (asked Harold), and does ‘repair’ on the car.
Then we goto “Mr. Han’s”

We have an exquisite meal, fine decor according to Feng-shui. One of the coy in flowing water is a bright gold color with a teardrop design on its back. Harold notices this.

Harold asks his questions.. Nothing is going to happen.

Harold gets a phone call. (Harold Thomas)
“Is this Harold Thomas. "
“This is some bank of Boston. We received your business card and we wish to test our security.”
“I’m going to hand you off to my manager to work out the details.”
“Yes, This is Mr. Johnson, the CEO of the Bank of Boston and we have just installed a new security system.”
“When can I come in and sort out the contract?”
“Tomorrow at 11:30?”
“Then I will see you tomorrow then.”

Solomon casts his spells for the day.

“Permission to start research?” (Harold)

Solomon goes to the dojo that day. Downstairs is dark and empty but the door is unlocked.
The upstairs looks like a classic Japanese entryway: triple tear (*not ying-yang.. but.. ) with perfected adept superimposed on top of that in center of the door. Japanese shrine for the door frame.

All 7 of the perfected adepts are standing there – 3 on one side, 3 on the other side, grandmaster in the back.

“Are you ready?”
“Then step forward.”

Willpower 4/4
The first two step out and hit me with staves. Hard. [Stamina+Composure] [3 succ.] They nod and take a step back.
Solomon steps forward
The second two step out, take aggressive stances, and Ki-hup. [Brawl+Dex] [2 succ.] Not a single blow lands.
Solomon steps forward
The third two step forward, they are holding ti-chi kata swords. They prepare a stance. There is a ti-chi sword on the floor. I pick it up.
will power point spent
[4 succ]
Solomon balances his way through such that the others get beads of sweat, but manage to go through clean.
Solomon steps forward and bows.
Grandmaster holds out a pebble.
The grandmaster smirks.
[Dex+Athletics] + willpower. [6 succ]
Solomon makes to steal the pebble…

2 willpower/ 4 willpower. Perfected Adept – First Attainment.

Isaac and Harold works on building a disguise kit. 5 different disguises and +5 equipment bonus.

Victor is going to attempt to contact the shaman, the only known person for the legacy “Scion of God.”

Jayce and Shannon go out on the town.


Meeting. Here is the location, the goal is to go in and get an envelope out of box.
The fee, a fair but outstanding number. (6-digits?)
Flat fee for exercise, and bonus into escrow account if successful.
Sometime in the next 7-day week the activity will occur. Guards should be armed with non-lethal means of sub dual. The system is mostly non-human operated.
Monroe Security.
Our specialist has no information ahead of time at this point.
“You came highly recommended by a number of people, included one…. Isaac Nestor – the leader of the silver ladder.”
Either side can cancel the contract with notice, with a 10% consulting fee.
The City of attorney general is aware, blah, blah.
Standard clauses.

He is to take ONLY the one item in question.

Isaac looks into Monroe (Fortune 500) security company, they’ve been around for a while. And are making strides in advanced security protocols.
The owner of the house was a serial rapist/murder, focusing on being a pedophile. 20-30 cases.
A couple of mages have tried to clear that house out in the past. They either disappeared or have ended up in the mental institute. None were moros, though did have experience with death/ghosts. Four people: two mysterium, one arrow, and one free council.
There are some references to a legacy “Tamers of Stone.” They focus on shaping earth, stone, mud, clay. Some spell… “Earth Heart’s Whisper”

Harold checks out banks, going in with disguises to check them out, trying to understand the systems – but NOT the central bank / main target.
He asks jayce to go with to “reserve a safety deposit box”
In a small branch with a Monroe security system
There are cameras, some pinholes for sensor lasers, floors are heat/pressure sensitive, the room may or may not have similar sensors. The vault seems rather tough.

Harold remembers someone getting trapped in a vault by a Monroe system, over in Switzerland. It did not have a safety mechanism. They brought in a cracker who got in, within 3 seconds.
With a fountain pen. But it is unknown if that flaw has been fixed or not.

Harold buys a fountain pen just in case.
Harold wants to rent an office and invite Monroe security to sell me the best security system. (+2 to security systems to the event)

Everyone gets +5xp

Isaac gets +1 arcane xp
Victor gets +1 arcane xp
Solomon becomes a master of space…
and pays 1xp to the legacy



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