Heirs of Atlantis



At night Isaac has a dream of a young man climbing a stone cliff with aboriginal hand prints. He gets about half way up before holding hands to his head, screaming, and falling off the cliff. He appears to be 16-17 years old.

Later that night, the same dream comes again but the boy makes it to the top and places his hand on stone – leaving a print.

Finally, a third dream shows the youth stopping about half way during the ascent and quitting.

Craftsman Michael Krusible, is the creator of the chisel that Isaac won during the competition.

Solomon goes to work for the day.
Harold’s fate spells fizzled [Because he was late this night]
Jayce calls in sick.
Casts (Force+Prime) shield on party (Prime 5/Force 4) 3 Potency, 1 ?
Solomon casts (Mind+Space) shield on himself
Solomon casts Diplomat’s protection on himself (4 succ)

Victor calls of sick to try to work with brownstone given the recent invasion.
Victor tries to find someone to teach him “command spirit” rote.
Isaac tries to strength + waterproof move of the basement.
Jayce goes on a run.

Each arm of the basement will take weeks to a month. Isaac emails Michael Krusible “Would like to ask you a question, perhaps over….?”

The Consillium has a usenet group that Victor sends out a message for his request. He gets 10 messages. 6 are flames, 4 replies “What do you have to offer?”

1) “45 mana” ; 2) “Control median life” ; 3) “Restore Corpus” ; and ?
After his run, Jayce helps Isaac on the basement.

Victor agrees upon 13 now and 13 over 5 months with a tutor, Hecia. The first meeting place is a coffee shop, then both goto a neutral place (park) for the instruction. It takes 3 days to learn.

Marcus meets with Harold {favor of 6mo probation}

Solomon goes to a crime scene… of an arson, and is the main person working. Marcus pulls Solomon aside and hands him a folder “What your report should look like…”
So basically he spends half the day making sure that is what the scene and the report looks like

Harold arrives at home and has 24 hours to decide between the labor or the favor. Marcus also now knows his true name. The favor will not betray his order or cabal, but a failure blames the cabal. And the labor would be utterly miserable.

We speak as a cabal about it, with Victor on the phone. Hecia, within earshot.. says “Favor dude..”

Harold goes to his room and tries to read the two decisions.
Labor – “Bone crushing, exhausting, light at end”
Favor – “Utmost importance, life changing event, but fraught with tears”

Solomon works out, Jayce makes explosions.
Harold looks for Solomon with the intention of punching him (to cause a fight he would loose). As soon as he walks into the room he forgets why he was there and walks off. He then goes and finds Jayce, wanting to do the same. He punches him but it really just bruhses off without dmg. He then tries to tackle Jayce, getting a critical failure. Tripping over a rock, he falls face first and knocks a tooth loose and his mouth is bleeding.

Harold all out attacks, does 1 bash.
Jayce warms him “What are you doing, what is wrong?”
Harold misses.
Jayce steps back, shakes his head and walks away.
Harold all out attacks again and misses.

Jayce tries to talk to Isaac.
Harold attempts to bite Jayce, misses.
Stamina check, gets 2 succ (teeth hurting)

Jayce steps out of basement and braces the door closed. Harold attempts to force it and fails.
Thump thump thump as he falls down the stairs.

When jayce looks through the door harold tries to throw a card. Jayce deflects it. Harold goes running off.

Isaac texts solomon and goes into the basement, and turns Harold’s clothes into steel.

Victor arrives home, Jayce is sitting on Harold whose clothes are still steel.
Victor attempts a spirit sight (to see if he is possessed)
he sees a spirit of frustration/rage upon himself. Attempting to form a soul jar and get the spirit into it.

Jayce slaps harold, who passes out and wakes up screaming.
Harold loses the tooth, he remembers casting a spell to determine the options of the future.
He lost cohesion and then found himself … here.

Solomon clench the depths of Harold’s mind [5 succ]
Solomon speaks with Harold… wearing armor and is given a message.
We have half an hour to save someone and take the favor.

“What other supernaturals are interested in this guy other than him and us?”
10 images.
Harold thinks he may recognize two slightly.

Jayce drops shields and casts flight on everyone and invis.
harold casts "faster’ (4x)

We all attempt to fly there since we find out Portal is an extended cast.
Over water the spells start to waver, and jayce has to make a concentration check.
We land and the spells drop.

With prime sight there are pulsing waves of prime energy, the rock face looks like it has a ?.

3 people at the base ; 2 are climbing. And eagle swoops in.
harold casts a shield on one climber (the sleeper).
Jayce starts to climb

3 at the base turn into.. things… a puma, a snake, and a frog and start approaching the monkey. The girl climber turns into a monkey.

We all feel the energy but nothing happens to us (all succ on rolls)
Landscape comes alive with primordial energy.

Isaac casts unseen aegis on target [ 2 succ ] matter 4
Victor casts numina shield on the target and spies a cave.

Monkey tries to kick at the climber, but the climber swipes back and knocks her into a tumble. (Lands and turns back into human, phasing out)

Victor explores the cave, finding hand prints, then comes to a cross roads going up and down. Less signatures toward down.

Mountain lion attempts to attack the climber next, landing on his back. Harold does an evil eye to save the mountain lion from the bear’s attack. [2 succ] The lion goes tumbling and vanishes.

Victor is climbing and finds it difficult to go further. Walking past an opening and sees a tall plain tower in the distance. Looking at self, sees just a native american. He goes out the window.. sprouting wings and flies. [2 succ with gnosis+life]

The snake goes up the mountain, passes the bear to get further up then lies in wait. Striking at the bear to curl around him. Bear keeps climbing, Victor keeps flying trying to catch the tower, but sees a bright light in the distance.

Solomon casts sense life [4 succ] and sees frog behind harold.

Victor sees a waterfall and a large oak tree. A face appears in the tree in spirit speech “Prince Throsis’ you have come. There is what you have asked for me to hold for you.. reach in..”

Victor reaches in and feels something warm and smooth he pulls out a large speak with a stone tip. (heartwood) It hums with power.

The face fades and the tree withers. Victor sends energy through the spear – lightning shoots out and strikes a tree,which blinks out of existence. Then he flies back to the hole.

harold turns around, the frog’s tongue latches onto harold. (from frog) Stamina roll [1 succ]

The bear gets to the top and roars, then turns back into human. The snake disappears. The climber walks forward and puts hand upon the rock. Jayce gets to the top as this happens.
There is a bright flash of light. Victor lands next to Jayce on top of the mountain with a spear. The climber looks bewildered. The three fields at the base cheer at “Ryan”. The girl then reaches the top now (Becky)
Harold’s bashing is fading quickly.
Victor’s spear shrinks down to ‘stick’ sized.
Isaac gives the youth a business card .. “if things get weird”

Becky and him split quickly, harold attempts to steal hair [4 succ] and gives it to Solomon.
Solomon casts portal
While he does that.. harold asks “When am I going to need them (us) to arrive?” [5 succ] – 7:30am since he needs to see Marcus and give him the choice.
Will make an extended mental link with harold since Harold stays on the island to watch the kids.

(2 guys, 1 guy + girl, girl)

early morning 6am
Jayce is awake, casts extended invis.
~7am open portal to harold. Jayce and him swap places.

“Will anyong violate sanctum in next 24 hours” Yes
“Who” – Victor
“How” – Staff

“What is going to happen Ryan in next 24 hours?” – Life is going to change
“How” – He is going to talk to victor then someone else

Harold goes to see marcus and chooses favor
Marcus shows a document to harold (~legal doc)
Harold signs (it hurts – dark read color)
Solmon casts D.Prot for day 6 and goes to work.

harold goes to a nearby notel and goes in picks a lock into an empty room, and sleep there.

+2 Arcane XP ALL
Jeff gets bonus +1 Arcane XP



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