Heirs of Atlantis



A few days later (Tuesday)
Harold asks “Is anyone going to violate the sanctum in next 24 hours?” [No]

Jayce, Solomon, Victor all goto work.

Harold asks “Where will he(climber) be at in an hour.” [he gets a picture in his mind]
Solomon casts finder before work [2 succ], but doesn’t get any on using the map so just has a general direction.

He does the same again at work with better results then calls Harold. “He’s roughly in this area..”
Harold steals a car [3 succ] and drives to the area. He starts to get pulled over. He casts a fate “I’m luckier” [1 succ]. He pulls over on the highway, he opens the glove and sees a gun. It tries to make it disappear under the seat [3 succ] Two officers. One approaches and stops at the taillight “Get out of the car and puts your hands on your head.”

Harold does so, lets the cop handcuff him and toss him into the police car. One goes through the car, while the other is between the cars on the radio. Harold escapes out of the handcuffs and notices the back passenger door is slightly open (from fate spell)

Harold goes out passenger door and attempts to run across highway. [6 succ]
Cops don’t even notice, harold is now in a residential area.

Harold gets public transports to the area ~2.5 hours after Solomon’s call… and about 4-5 hours after Harold’s first spell.

About 4:30 harold sees a tall gaunt man, shirtless with many scars all over. He smiles at harold, snaps his fingers and disappears in a puff of brimstone.

Harold asks “Is he here for the newly awakened mage?” [Yes]
Is he a danger to him? [Unclear]
Would it be bad for the cabal? [Yes]

Harold calls Isaac.

Solomon drives after work to meet up, Victor + Jayce flying/invis there [1 paradox to jayce]. Isaac drives as well.

Victor, Jayce, Harold spread out and search.

Solomon parks and starts walking in the direction of finder [3 succ]
We all meet up over time and head toward Jamiaca park.

Harold uses divination “What is about to happen with this kid and our cabal?”
Two teams (Red / Blue )
Center is a pit of mud. Tug of rope. The kid is the rope, Use five are on one team.
Kahulian and the shirtless guy are on the other team.

We notice two people up in a tree. We choose to investigate, and feel space magic go off. Jayce counters it.

We see shirtless guy with Ryan. Shirtless guys looks amused. “I see your friends have arrived.” Victor and Jayce land but stay invis.

Victor, while invis says “Have you chosen a new name yet?”
“Not yet, but everyone says it is important.”

“Say hi to Kahulian for us”
“I’d rather not, that sleezy rot of a lawyer”

Shirtless guy pulls out a silver coin out of a pocket “Use this to contact me.” and tosses it to Ryan. Jayce deflects it (2 bash from paradon)

Shirtless guy calls it back to his hand and goes to hand it over. Various member warn and persuade Ryan not to take it. The kid pauses in taking it, and shirtless guy puts it down on the branch, before falling backward and poofs into a shadow upon the ground.

Harold asks if he could come up, then climbs up and asks if we can examine it. (doesn’t manage to deflect coin onto ground with a card).

Jayce uses TK to knock it down. (1 more bash from paradon)

Looking at the coin, it appears ancient – Roman. Bound within the coin is a spirit. It seems fairly powerful and ‘angelic’. And it seems somewhat sleeping.

We were ‘given’ the coin from Ryan, and he still has our business card. We get an email (rockclimber@yahoo…) He runs off and resists picking up the coin.

Harold opens a puzzle box and places it over the coin upside down then uses a card to close it underneath, trapping it. Isaac seels the box with matter.

“Will this coin be used for evil if turned over to guardians in next 10 years?” -
“What will happen if we try to destroy the coin on own?” [Pictures of us with godlike power, but not mage power]
“What will happen if we turn it over to Cons., will it take over someone in short order?” {No]
“…used politically?”
“..is it a good idea?” [+]
“Who should we take to ..” [Librarian Gerard]
“if we turn it over to ..will ryan be forced to join?” [Maybe]

We then head to the librarian to hand him the coin.

The Librarian locks up the coin.
Shirtless guy is “Angrboda”… not a seer. believed to be a member of “scelestus” specific type of legacy (left handed legacy)
Librarian recounts the story of the denarians.

Afterwards we see a a gaunt, dk brown hair, scraggly scholastic type guy go into the office and take what we presume to be the coin elsewhere deeper into the building. We’ve seen him here and there at mysterium meetings… people shy away from him.

Victor summons a bird spirit to keep an eye on Ryan.
Harold asks:
“Will he contact us before he makes up his mind?” [No]
“Has happened or in next 6 hours?” [No]
“When is the significant event going to occur to make up his mind?” [Tomorrow night]
“Where?” {In his bed]
“How?” [Dream]
“Will us attempting to persuade him, influence him in a good way?” [No]
“Is the dream influences by anyone outside of himself?” [No]
“When will he contact us?” [Thursday]
“What are some of the details of his dream?” (can’t remember, solomons tries to read his mind and only gets primal emotions.)

2 days pass.. to thursday at 5pm

The doorbell rings. a courier from the consillium asks to come in and speak.
He is doing a census.

“Including this house, what do you consider your domain?” [Block]
“Are you currently in rites of nemesis with another cabal?” [No]
“Do you have any sleepers in your direct care?” [No]
“Do you have any sleepwalkers in your direct care?” [No]

We are reminded of crossing through public streets, public rights, etc.

“Are we fostering..?” [No]

The kid calls, agrees to come visit us. We talk to him freely, he seems interested in the free council. Roni Jazz is head of the free council. We take him over to the office and he joins. Victor stops at the library to research guys at the house.. getting the idea they might be werewolves.

“Bear” is Ryan’s new name.

Everyone gets +5 XP
Time Jump gains everyone +6 XP



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