Heirs of Atlantis


Mage Notes 3/27/2011

We say the events took place on a Friday night. Harold is unconscious in the hospital, having dreams of like someone comforting him. For three days. Victor casts Life and Spirit sight to examine Harold at the hospital. 3 hours to ritually cast spirit sight [8 Succ – Potency] While he was casting the spell, it felt like people were watching him. (He doesn’t use his wand) Examines him with spirit, [Wits+Occult] = 2 successes. He sees no spirit magic influencing him as far as he can tell. Solomon and Isaac start looking into the house and property to make sure nobody is screwing with that. Victor, on sunday, does the same for Life. [9 Potency] and 4 successes. – All he sees is life repairing magic that he would expect. Jayce, on sunday, does prime. [10 potency] and 3 successes – Sees a few threads of magic weaving in and out of his aura. He sees a weird thread that is part of his aura, that appears to be there, and then not (hard to pin down), in addition

to the healing magic. Something very faint, a small grey thread. But as soon as he sees it, it disappears.

Jayce then informs Victor of his findings. Jayce goes to the free concil to see if they have better knowledge of what he saw with prime sight. They don’t have any idea. Jayce brings up wanting to go talk to the Librarian, so Isaac and Solomon go along. Victor stays at the house during then. Isaac calls and tries to make an appointment, but is ‘busy right now.’ He leaves a message that it is related to the ‘present I gave him.’ Victor wants to buy stuff at Home Depot to awaken them and feed them to Brownstone, as well as something ‘dragony’ Solomon goes to the dojo then instead. Jayce goes back to the hospital then. At the new age store, Victor sees spirits of fanantism, that kind of flaky-blondness. Eastern style dragon holding a large ‘pearl’ (about size of a d100). The whole piece is $150. Solomon goes to the dojo, finds it closed…. so he goes home. Monday, we get a notice that water will be shut off in the neighborhood due to construction. We hear jack hammers at an intersection a block away. Isaac will be keeping an eye on the work area with matter sight. He asks and they are changing out the pipes. Isaac lodges a complain with city hall that proper notice wasn’t delivered. Then we find out it was a reminder (i.e. we never got the first few) Harold starts to wake up (Monday still), he has a major headache and body aches all over. Physically healed but at -3 for the calendar day just from fatigue. Jayce is there when he wakes up, he wants jello. Jayce brings him a platter of jello of different colors/flavors. He eats about a third then throws some at Jayce. Jayce ‘takes it’ Harold tries harder, to get a reaction. Harold attempts to jump flip out of bed. (fatigue/iv) Jayce gets 1 successes, Harold is not able to make the attempt. Doctor comes in and checks Harold over. Both feel a tingle of power and a sharp smell of disinfectant, with the beeping of life support equipment. "You seem to check out alright, let me get a nurse to help to pull out the IVs and what not" Jayce and Harold take a cab home. Harold attempts to pick Jayce’s pocket, but notices. Isaac is at a bank (jewish credit union) working with them to check his finances and dealings with the house. [Presence + Socialize] = 1 succ. Alarms, Checks, Balances, ID theft, etc. (Personal and house) Isaac makes sure a nice package of food shows up at the banker’s house. {Brisket for shabas?] Meanwhile, Victor brings caulk to life , controls it, and offers it to brownstone. Brownstone eats it “That was unfullfilling… I want the kitchen redone.” Solomon sees Harold sit up from the back of cab (appearing as if he wsa giving head to Jayce). We all get back to the house about the same time. Isaac, as he drives back the construction site, matter+prime sight. Drive roll [2 succ] Scrutenize roll (Wits+occult) = [2 succ.] Didn’t really notice anything. The avoids hitting someone crossing the street. Harold asks Solomon what happened at the scene. Isaac wants to walk down to the construction and it appears to be perfectly normal. Harold tries to distract jayce by flirting for a while. Solomon ritually Mind Sight. [Mind 3 + Gnosis 3 + Wand 2 + House 1] = 9 1) 4 2) 4 3) 6 [14 Potency] Gain Skill [mind 3 + gnosis 3 + wand 2 + House 1 ] = 9 in Occult 1 Augment Mind against wits 2 [Wits+Occult] 5+2 = 7 dice [4 succ] Solomon – as he is looking at Harold, getting the feeling of “he has a memory of his mother singing a lullably to him and feels a trust” Having been in his mind before, he never got that kind of parental feeling before in prior attempts. Beyond the oomforting lullable, the gentle waves of an ocean. As soon as Solomon realizes how subtle this is, is surprised that he Didn’t miss it, and then it is gone. Solomon watches those two make out while doing his examination of harold, then goes to speak to isaac and informs him of his studies. Isaac calls the librarian again and leaves another message. Tuesday arrives… Solomon casts his morning buffs Diplomat’s protection: [4 succ, 3 succ] = 7 Mind/Space Shield: Rank 3 Solomon tries to get in contact with marcus, he is still in the hospital and unconcious and has lost weight. Solomon only gets in due to arrow status and having been there that night. Still considered critical and don’t say much. Solomon has a mentor for the perfected adept. Four perfected adepts in the city. Two people at Level 1, one at level 2, one level 3. The level two is my mentor. (Pick a Name…) The level 3 is an older mage and stays out of politics and is the owner of the dojo (chinese) We ask Harold to rummage through his RV. Harold and Jayce want to get a permit ($25) to public perform and thinks about the magic show and scripts a show. Harold gets a copy of the blueprints of the house as a focus to channel through. Victor buys the guardian spirit merit (6xp) to make brownstone the guardian spirit of the sanctum, it is more aware of itself and purpose. Victor goes to work, and tries to use contacts to get information. And finds he is taking the biggest hit, and a huge amount of pressure. Attempts to hire a 3rd of 4th year accounting student to try and do his budget, etc. [1 succ] Manip + Social, contested. [2 succ each] $35/hour. Tries to talk him down to $30. He wins, gets him to $30/hour. Pulls out laptop/printer and makes a contract, very methodical and thorough. Harold goes to his RV and it’s gutted… entirely empty inside. After throwing a tantrum, the wheels fall off and it lands on the ground. Isaac goes off to the RV due to call from Jayce. Harold attempts to postcognition. -16 days. [1 succ] → static “Fuck…. I’m being blocked!” -16 days., chanting + willpower. -1 domino. failed… because Jayce disrupts him physically. Harold then tries to beat Jayce up. Isaac shows up. Isaac uses self repairing machine. [7 succ] {Repairo Winnebago] {nobody notices} Stage comes back since the pattern was altered. Harold attempts again -16 days. [9 succ] → static. Isaac and Jayce have a conversation at a distance, about events and forewarning him to keep an eye on Harold. They were thinking maybe a road trip or something to keep harold out of the house. Harold goes inside to ritually cast. Two separate rituals, 6 hours + break… the rest of his day. [12 succ] to give himself good luck. Postcognition till….. ‘then’ arbitary time from his head (hoping for luck as to dictate when) [26 succ] After three hours, Jayce feels …. “the most important thing on your person is gone…” Solomon drives Isaac to attempt to visit the librarian. After six hours, Jayce who had been leaning against the RV… falls backward. Jayce hears tinkling bells and a faint harp sound, and the melodious sound of a woman singing celtic. (fleeting) Jayce looks around in prime sight.. and sees a rip through reality, and on the other side.. sees a large tower with vines going up along it. Jayce has never seen it. Solomon attempts to buff Presence: [3 succ] Solomon attempts to buff socialize: [1 succ] Status: 2 Solomon: pres + social + status = 6 dice + will = 9 dice = [ 3 succ ] “I’m sorry, he is really busy right now.” Isaac: “Can we just have a few minutes of his time.” … “I’ll see if he is interested.” “Yeah, um… blah blah Isaac and Solomon are here to see Librarian Gerard.. says it is really important… moment of his time…” Wait in room 12. We wait… for four hours… Victor… is sitting at home, has recently finished the ritual for guardian spirit. Victor goes down to setup his private area in the basement. *Two cameras fron/back to first floor of basement with video feed, the doorbell also goes off through the basement. The spirits that are in the basement {deep earth spirits, native american spirits – partial state of slumber, rock/mud/clay] {Fiberoptic light, fountain/water feature etc, etc. jotting down notes] Victor hears a ground and rumble, then he realizes it is brownstone trying to get his attention. “Bird here” … A raven has showed up. Victor looks thorugh the gauntlet… and sees a large raven sitting on brownstone, has a rolled up piece of paper in talons. Victor puts up a numina shield [ 5 shld ]… and goes through the closet door. The raven gives a caw {mixture of greeting, respect, fear} “Greetings raven, what can I do for you?” Raven drops the scroll. Victor picks it up and unfurls the scroll: “Greeting namer, We should probably talk. We understand you did not know about the crimes you commit and we are letting it pass. But there are other matters of territory that we need to discuss.

Signed, L’hibu"

“We would welcome the chance to learn about you and the territories, … We offer a meeting in our backyard or another neutral location. Here is my contact information. (email address that he sets up now)” ( gcwsn@gmail.com ) Letter is given to the raven, and gives the raven some essence. It eats it, shrugs, and flies off. Librarian Gerard finally shows up, looking extremely tired. Solomon gives him a dump of the etails. it has been found out the gentlemen was the bearer of one of the coins. If this is indeed one of the coins, they are either very quick to act, or slow to act. If he is not turned darked immediately, we still have time. Until he embraces it all together, there is still time. The libarian looks like a lot of his energy is draining. Solomon prepares to come back the next day. When we walk out of the building, his phone rings.. Meanwhile… Harold felt a dropping sensations as he finishes the spell. And the same feeling as if the spell is being pulled away ….. ripped and shredded and reformed. hearing the same sound as Jayce heard. It is familiar to Harold. He is still in the winebago but feels something is different. Looking out the window he sees that he is in an old forest, and in the distance is his tower. “I thought you only came here once… This is cool…” and starts walking toward the tower. Kind of fairly-talesque. He looks behind a tree for a sword. Behind the tree is …. a path that leads to another tower, and this tower is lone… solitary… simple. Composure check, fails and heads down the path to the plain tower. Memory check [1 succ], seems like the spirit guy tower. Everyone arrives to see Jayce twitching frantically. Isaac tosses a stone through the ‘rip’. The stone disappears. With prime, fate, or time you see the stone land on the ‘other side.’ Jayce runs through. Victor, isaac, and Solomon go through. Upon entering diplomat’s protection drops, familiar isn’t seen, (more active stuff) Solomon ‘investigates’ and finds footprints going one way, then another, then another… Isaac and Jayce see a flash of light off in a direction, not in the direction of a the tower we saw. Now, we spy the plain tower. Victor and Jayce step off and saw tower, then stepped back. Isaac climbs to the top of a tree to look around to see what the flash was. [sees something large and flying this way] Solomon uses finder on Harold [2 succ] Harold is talking to a tree. He took an apple. “Are you going to pay for that?” “Who’s there” “I am” “Are you a tree?” “Are you an idiot?” “that’s what people keeping telling me.” Harold gives the tree a coin from his pocket, “Go left.” He comes to a path and takes a left and starts to skip and sing. “We’re off to see the wizard.” We come to a split in the path, Harold feels ‘left’ but the footprints go right. We go left. We continue to jog along the way. We see someone skipping toward us…. the person skipping toward us looks like a scarecrow, feels like harry with an apple in his hand. Harold sees four people coming toward him, looing l Isaac is the tin man. Lion is solomon Dorothy is Victor. Toto is Jayce Solomong says “Harold?” But harold hears “Well hi there scarecrow.” Jeff gets an extra xp for wizard of oz stuff. The scarecrow reaches down and pets toto (in the other knee) And we all ….. skip off. We’re now all of a sudden in a poppy field and the tower.. which shimmers into the emerald city. Isaac puts up an air shield. Then we get to a river. The river is very wide, unknown deep. A ferryman comes up, we each give him a coin. (He is heavily cloaked and wearing gloves) On the raft, the dog gets petted across the journey. We get to the other side, and the forest is dark, dead, and dying look on this side. “Was this in the movie? … Yeah this is the were the flying monkeys show up..” And just as soon as that was said… they show up. Jayce puts up a force bubble [6 ]… then collapses. The swarm quickly surrounds and picks us up and drops us into a courtyard of a castle. See a large stone/boulder with a crystal sword sticking out of it. A figure, cloaed/robed is watching the stone. “Now that you have us within your dark power… who the hell are you?” Looking at the green skin, “You know who I am.” “The wicked witch of the west.” “I am not wicked… that whore glenda…. blah blah” … “Did you ever look behind you?” “You mean that big thing that was chasing us?” …. She claps her hands twice and a table appears with tea service. “Do you have a name you would prefer to be called?” “Alfaba” “And what is your name?” “Isaac” She offers to sit for tea. isaac declines. “You are refusing my hospitality, after I just saved you?” “No, not at all. I’m just not thirsty at the moment.” Harold picks up tea and gets distracted …. Harold runs for the sword. She screams “nooooooooo………………” harold touches the sword, it hums with power, feels loose, and then he pulls the sword out. Blue-silver light. Once the sword is pulled out, harold is no longer there but we see an imposing person in glowing silver armor with a crystal sword. The stylized boots have wings. As he steps forward, it is more like a blur between one step to another. Then it is just harold there with the sword and an apple. Victor tosses his tea on her and she melts… like the movie. We all look normal now. The monkeys fly off in fear. Looking up at the sky… A dragon shows up. Harold points the sword at the dragon…. and it explodes.. a wave of sonic energy comes out from the sword. We go out, and the winebago is there. The door opens, and we go in… and flies back… and back through the rip. Apple is gone, but Harold still has the sword. The sword turns into a glass ring. harold finds a piece of cloth on the ground.. Solomon puts it into evidence bag. We drive home. 1 Arcane XP 4 Regular XP Victor gets an extra.



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