Heirs of Atlantis

Crime Scene

It was a Thursday morning in the warehouse district of south Boston. The police were already processing the scene when Solomon was called in to investigate. They had not moved the bodies yet – all three were crucified on upside down wooden crosses sans clothing. Each in their 20s-30s their wrists and feet had nails keeping them in place while lash marks were cut into their flesh. Practically the entire room was covered in blood, it was likely cause of death was exsanguination. The estimated time of death was about two days ago, in the dark of the moon less than a week after the midsummer festival. No articles of clothing, ids, or possessions were found.

An altar constructed of pressed wood upon cinder blocks, with a circle around composed entirely of dark red candles. About thirty feet in diameter, the candles were all touching and were burnt to the ground.

Checking for prints [2 successes] Hand print on the side wall Blood footprints all around, mostly moving in a counter clockwise motion but are mixed in standing still, walking around, or wide stance positions. * 2 sets of combat boots * 1 set of loafers * 1 set of slippers/barefoot

The deceased have minor defensive wounds, such as bruising from grabs or restraints. At the scene unable to determine of any sexual acts took place. Red fibers and a bit of black cloth were found by the altar. A six inch diameter circular spot on the altar appears to have no blood markings while the rest is covered – implies something was there and had been removed. Ash also was found upon the altar.

Solomon asks the officers to investigate nearby security cameras that might have caught anything on tape.

A more difficult investigation check (at -6) yields two more prints off the chains, and one from the candles. Scrape marks lead from the door to the center, perhaps suggesting the crosses were dragged in from the entrance. Patterns of blood nearby the entrance also point to that the victims were attached to the crosses there before taken to the center. Checking out the controls for the warehouse’s winch yields a thumb print.

Outside one vehicle’s tire treads are found, but fit a very generic vehicle description.

Meanwhile.. During one of their crime fighting outings Harold attempts to make a pass at Jayce. Jayce fails to notice, but Harold, thinking Jayce may have turned him down, keeps to himself a bit more. Isaac find out the Cousin Moisha (the tailor), Rebecca, and Luke are missing. All are members of the Jewish community. He comforts his cousin’s wife on the phone. She informs him that he was walking home from work and went missing. Isaac asks how he normally walks home and goes off to walk around the same route. Arriving at the shop he sees no obvious signs of anything out of the ordinary. He starts to hear sirens in the distance and starts walking away. At this time he calls Solomon at work who had just received some reports regarding the crime scene. Isaac gives a summary of the situation (3 mission jewish people); Solomon replies he is in the middle of an investigation at the moment but will keep his ears open and talk to him later despite already knowing.

The details of the report indicate:
  • COD – exsanguination
  • Names of the deceased { Moisha, Rebecca, Luke } all matching the names Isaac listed as missing.
  • Red fibers on altar – silk
  • Dark Cloth – cotton
  • Prints match someone presumed to be dead for 10 years, and a young blond girl named Susan who has been missing for 6 years.
  • Officers were currently investigating the store owner Moisha for leads.

Now about two blocks away from the store after speaking to Solomon, Isaac notices police stop at the tailor shop. He turns around and heads back toward the store. He is told they are in “investigating” things, responding to Isaac’s questions. However, he presumes they are looking into the disappearance rather than a murder. Nor do they state what they are investigating.

The full walk from the tailor shop to his home should have taken only about twenty minutes, so Issac hangs out and watches for a bit.

Victor works on his thesis, Jayce works as a lab assistance, and Harold investigates corporations that have had break-in problems.

After the police leave Isaac attempts to use death sense to look for ghosts outside the shop (“speak with dead”). Someone with long black hair sitting in the middle of the road; a ten year old girl floating and holding her neck further down the street. Some of the houses appear to be burning, and the shop itself looks to be in flux… sometimes the glass seems to be broken, other times it looks fine.

Isaac then returns home and everyone cooks up a nice meal. Solomon returns home to dinner in progress and pulls Isaac aside down in the basement to give him the bad news. Opening a scrying portal to the crime scene, which thankfully had been mostly cleaned up at this point so that Isaac could see.

Prime sight on the scene shows a dull magical scene, but heavy. Whole scene has black lines through it.

Harold uses magic to determine that Moisha’s wife was in the detective’s office and would make it home alright.

Marcus O’Reilly was a senior detective with the Boston PD and happens to be the leader of the arrow in Boston. Solomon notes he did see him at the crime scene when he was there investigating.

That night Harold and Victor travel to the warehouse district to attempt postcognition – looking into the warehouse windows via near by building rooftops. Targeting 11:58-12:01 AM of the night in question…

Composure [1 Succ], Derangement [1 Succ] His vision sees three people hanging upside down; one guy in black robes and purple shawl lighting the candles. Someone in a suit standing around, two guys in fatigues, and a barefooted wild haired blond girl. At the stroke of midnight they begin bloodletting the victims with blood being thrown everywhere. A large portion of blood is collected into a bowl upon the altar, incense is lit. The figures grow fangs and their eyes shift to black.

Harold recasts the spell for 12:05-12:08AM

Composure [1 Succ], Res+Comp [2 Succ] The scene is a real frenzy now, everything is drenched in blood, and the victims are screaming.

Harold recasts the spell for 12:30-12:32AM Composure [0 Succ], Res+Comp [0 Succ] He sees the bodies of the victims being cut to shreds but they also seem the heal.

Harold begins to have mild hysteria and anxiety, along with a touch of schizophrenia. Quickly getting to the car with Victor waiting, they flee back home. Harold isn’t doing too well mentally right now.

Harold manages to describe the scene at the house enough to get two main points across:
  • More blood at the scene than three bodies could contain
  • Fangs (Vampire?)

Solomon steps aside and calls up Marcus’s work number to see if he is still in. [He is] Solomon leaves and drives to the office to speak with Marcus. While this happens Harold goes more crazy and he is restrained in bed.

Discussions with Marcus about the crime scene and the additional information that was uncovered (without disturbing the scene) attract his interest. Marcus comes back to the house with Solomon, and reads the mind of a now tied up mostly-unconscious Harold. He then removes the derangement to let Harold sleep in peace the rest of the night. After light discussions Marcus agrees to get in contact with Venessa Star, the Vampire diplomat to the mage community.

A meeting is arranged [Assumed to be the next night – Friday night] In attendance:

  • Marcus
  • Leonard Coulie
  • Isaac
  • Jayce
  • Solomon
  • Venessa Star
  • Guard 1
  • Guard 2

After a half hour of boring protocols being followed, Marcus pushes a folder to Venessa. She states they are from a sect of vampires [Lancea Sanctum] and have been breaking the masquerade. She asks to send someone to the scene. Further deliberations between Marcus and her continue to make whatever arrangements as needed to suit both parties.

Two contracts are offered… one is a minor boom of apology, the other is a bloodhunt contract upon those that committed the incident.

  • Everyone receives +5 XP
  • Harold received +1 XP for derangement RP
  • Cabal receives minor boon of apology
  • Cabal received contract for bloodhunt



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