Heirs of Atlantis


Saturday morning comes around following the prior events dealing with the vampire ambassador.

Harold prepares for his daily ‘Is anything bad going to happen to us today?’ ritual. (Exact questions not recorded)

Jayce goes out for his morning run.

Solomon grabs breakfast and heads off to the dojo.

Victor wakes up suffocating (failed stamina roll) to find a cat on face only to shove it off (2 successes) shortly there after. Looking in the direction of the tossed animal he sees a vaguely Cheshire appearance… just before it fades off – with a lingering smile. Looking for his familiar he finds it tied up in spirit fur, which he undoes the bindings before venturing downstairs.

Isaac and Harold are eating breakfast having misc discussions when Isaac mentions he wishes to go off to temple. Harold asks to go along with, this results in a small debate on how that wouldn’t be a wise choice due to Harold’s last time in a church. During the deliberations Victor comes down into the kitchen and finds the Cheshire cat lounging on the top of the fridge; he then provides it with a saucer of milk. Sometime during this Jayce returns from his jog.

Issac begins to challenge Harold for the day, where he has to stay within a box but manage to collect a list of items similar to a scavenger hunt. The only thing is that he must be in the box if anyone checks.

Just then a small spirit appears into existence on Isaac’s shoulder. He was named Jacob and hung around as part of the conversations, seemingly growing in power from Sarcasm. It should be noted the Cheshire cat wanted to eat him.

Someone asks the cat some questions, to which the reply was “I’m watching, waiting for the right time.” He indicates that he has a message, but part of his payment was that he could play with us, not having to tell us right away but waiting until the right question was asked.

Victor notices that dog was tied up and goes to free him.

Meanwhile, at the dojo, Solomon is worked out really hard – which is good considering the previous day.

Isaac and Jacob goto temple. Harold is closed in his box as part of the challenge. Victor goes about looking for spirits. Jayce hangs around to play with the cat.

Harold succeeds in sneaking out of the box and up to his room, where he casts a spell to determine the next five times someone will open the box. Jayce feels a spell go off from Harold and investigates the box. Harold sneaks down the stairs and throws his voice into the box, hearing Jayce ask him a question.

Jayce then talks to the Cheshire cat, wanting to play a trick on harold. “Hey, want to play a trick on him? (Indicating Harold) He’s tickling (here), but don’t ask how I know.” The cat then grins and runs off, vanishing through the door. Harold hears the motion and hides, Jayce runs after the cat and upstairs. Harold then runs out the front door to get the first item on his list.

Jayce chases the cat all the way into the attic where it is lounging around by the bowl.

Harold grabs the pack of batteries from his van, which he already had, then travels to a nearby Ace hardware store to look for a hand drill. At the store he speaks with a clerk then attempts to steal a power hand drill (at -5), and gets 2 successes. He manages to make it back to the house and in the box before others return.

Isaac with Jacob and Victor return to the house and check on him, and a few minutes later Solomon appears. After a short discussion Isaac, Jacob, Solomon, and Victor go up to the attic and Harold sneaks back out to a woman’s restroom. (Closest available)

Victor finds out that “Father of his tower” sent the cat with the message. But specifically it is not known whom that is. After asking “How does the bowl work?” the cat says a few things and disappears, leaving us with the debate on creating soulstones.

Harold writes “For a good time – call {Isaac’s cell phone}”, takes a picture and hurries back to the house and starts an attempt to make an elvis stamp. At this point Jayce runs down and brings Harold up to the attic, telling him that the challenge needs to be put on hold.

Harold attempts to see the future of doing the soulstones; watching a scene of himself and four others (unknown) around the bowl with a weapon outstretched toward the middle, with the free arm toward their neighbor. It appeared to be at least years in the future, but then the vision was cutoff from some external source. (A strong force)

Each of us decided to go ahead and make the soulstone
  • Solomon’s is like a sphere of obsidian with flecks of green.
  • Isaac’s ?
  • Harold’s ?
  • Victor’s ?
  • Jayce’s ?
Consequences of forming the soulstones:
  • Each character can now only go up to gnosis 9
  • Each character lost 1 perm. point of WILLPOWER
  • Victor lost 1 WISDOM

Once the soulstones were placed around the bowl, they appear to be locked into place. We discover that we can pull mana directly from the bowl from any distance. We have a direct sympathetic connection to the bowl… and each other.

The artifact also appears to have awakened a Demense here.
  • Spell are cast at +1 die within
  • no paradox will occur
Harold asks
  • “Will anyone outside this room know about the demense 1 sec from now?” [Yes.]
  • (second question clarified this to other people in boston) [Yes.]
  • “Any reprisals from the mage community in next 24hrs” [No.]

All of the brownstone circle meditates around the bowl, forming a circle. Energy pours out and forms a pentacle as reality blurs a bit. We begin to sense outward and commune with … whatever it is, calming and coaxing it into taking a better form – that of a world tree, the house forming the trunk while its roots and bows spread above and below ground level.

Issac burrows for hours and hours, making new levels under the house, reinforcing and tunneling. Jayce runs around casting lots of vulgar magic like a kid. Solomon spends the time practicing kata and reflecting inward to his mind’s eye.

Later that night dinner is held at Bucca’s

Sunday comes, we all feel very energized. There is 25 points of mana within the bowl. Harold asks his normal questions about us being attacked in the next 24 hours.. [No.]

  • Each character receives +10 ARCANE XP
  • Each character receives +5 XP
  • Each character purchases SANCTUM:SIZE,SANCTUM:SECURITY for 4 XP
  • Victor gets 1 XP for RP
  • Issac purchases Gnosis 3
  • Solomon purchases Mind 3



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