Heirs of Atlantis

Duel Arcane at Midsummer

It is one week prior to the midsummer festival and the cabal makes its preparations.

Harold calls his contact to find out who was holding the festival and suggests his own act (magic show). Harold gets the help of Isaac and Jayce to put together a magic stage, they manage to complete it within only two days and to such a high quality that he will get +5 to his prestidigitation rolls during his act.

The location… a large rundown warehouse near Fenway. No mundanes will be present, a second warehouse is used for parking so as to not draw too much attention. As we enter we notice that approximately 300 are in attendance.

Adamantine Arrow is running the duels and the non-magical fighting. Two different duels are offers, friendly and official. Jayce and Solomon sign up for both the friendly duels and the fighting/martial-art competition. On the side Solomon was given a card with a street address if he was interested… (fight club type thing) Meanwhile, Isaac meets another blacksmith of Hungarian decent. He is the protege of Mike Krusible (Mysterium) and member of the Forge Masters.

About this time Harold’s magic show starts: “Mastery for those without” [Harold buys expression -9 XP]

First Act: Matter: Using a borrowed rod he tries to make an aerodynamic shape [4 successes] Second Act: Space: To cause a ‘dimensional axis’ shift to fly the object he just made [3 successes] Third Act: Life: To transform self into a dragon. [7 successes] Fourth Act: Force: To simulate gravity by moving things around the stage [5 successes] Fifth Act: Time: Trying to make object appear in the future, so for now seems to fail. [6 successes] Sixth Act: Prime: Trying to create … [4 successes]

Harold receives a standing ovation, and his Fame now includes Mage society as well.

Next up is the Duel Arcane. The first match is between Rose and Omega [Rose wins], the second match is between Harold and Makoola [Harold wins]. The next fight is between Solomon and Thunder (Member of Knights of the gyphon). In the first round Solomon does four points in a single hit to Thunder; Thunder bows out. In the next match, Jayce fights Mark. Jayce wins by knocking out Mark in a single blow. As an interesting note, the visualization of Jayce’s sword and shield seem to almost fully materialize during the duel. The duels continue until the last match: Jayce vs Solomon. Jayce gets first place, Solomon comes in second. Jayce is presented with 40 bits of tass in the form of solid coins.

Isaac joins an ice sculpture contest. The first round (sculpting with magic) results in a tie, pitting Isaac against a single person in a tie-breaker – sculpting without magic. Isaac wins and is presented with a chisel created by the Forge Master which is unbreakable, doesn’t need to be sharpened and gives +4 bonus to crafts.

Victor joins a pie eating contest… and wins! He is given a gift certificate to a bakery worth $500.

Lastly, Solomon wins the martial art tournament but it wasn’t a blowout. He was presented with a belt that can be used to provide the wearer a level 5 matter shield. (Duration of a scene)

The last events of the festival were official duels:
  • Allegra (member of SMG) challenging Pheron (Leader of Exhalted Knights of Grpyhon – Arrow cabal). [Pheron wins duel and keeps an item in question]
  • Librarian (Mysterium) vs Angoria (Guardian of the Veil, Shadow Chorus) [About a 1.5 hour fight, Librarian wins but just barely and had to do with some rites to land]

The brownstone circle becomes the talk of the town having ‘won’ all of the events at the festival.

  • Isaac purchases 1 dot each in Status: Consilium, Tower -6XP?
  • Victor buys 1 dot each in Status: Consilium, Order, and Tower -6XP?
  • Solomon gets +3XP for note taking.
  • Harold buys expression -9XP
  • Everyone gains +5 XP



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