Heirs of Atlantis


A person delivered to us an invitation to the midsummer festival about a week or two away. People can come to just attend or even participate in some of the events, such as duel arcane.

Harold asked “are we going to be attacked today?” received an image of a Spirograph with a dragon jumping out of it.

Harold cast augury:
  • “Will we be attacked regardless if we stay home or not?” [ Answer: No ]
  • “Is the primary goal of the attack today, that I foresaw in my vision this morning to harm or kill us?” [Answer: No]
  • “If we hide them in the location that we are going to, will they be safe until we return to get them.” [Answer: Yes]
Divination: (5 questions, 1 + 4 refinements)
  • When and where will we be attacked? [You will be attacked while in a car.]
  • Whose car? [One of your cars.]
  • If one leaves singly will they be allowed to come back? [Maybe.]
  • What is the nature of the attack? [See people falling asleep in the car.]
  • What is the best defense against the attack, assuming we get in the car. [Your best defense will be to increasing the essence of the ballcaps.]
We made fake wands with imbued auras.
  • 8 successes for 1 week for all five wands.
  • 8 suc on first roll
  • Result: 7 Potency
Victor summoned our paranoid spirit to make hats stronger.
  • Deal with doing something at a conspiracy convention with spirit.
  • Lacing coffee with lsd or something like that.
  • Morality Check? :D

Using Scry Solomon looked into the bathroom at the bar. Then Solomon opened a portal. Harold was stepping through first, followed by myself carrying a big box with all the magical stuff. Solomon starts to fall asleep, and was about to go back through portal when Harold managed to stay awake and is trying to ‘rewind time’ to right before stepping through portal.

12 Portals, one to our secret location. (Took one lethal from paradox) Tossed things through each one, without sympathy. Portals close.

Solomon’s Basic: gunshot sound enhanced: Coppery blood scent

  • Victor tries to control spirit, failed.
  • Spirit tries to make us all fall asleep again.
  • Isaac and Victor fall asleep.
  • Harold uses reflexive time magic to let matter and spirit re-roll… and we don’t fall asleep.
  • Jayce bolted him with celestial fire.
  • Spirit tries to make us all fall asleep again and flee.
  • Solomon almost fell asleep but Harold reflexively let me re-roll.
  • (Glimpsing the future – time 3 for reflexively and on others)
  • Isaac opens the door and screams out “Missed again”
Rabi Tzaddi is Isaac’s mentor
  • “What’s the point of being a member of the consillium if we just keep getting attacked in our own home?” [Reply: “Stay there. Warden Nilos is on his way.”]

Solomon knows Warden Nilos and trains with him

Harold auguries again.
  • “Will our cabal be attacked again today?”
  • All our heads are filled with images of war and attacks.

Isaac just punched Harold in the nose.

Harold’s nimbus: Sudden sensation that something is missing “where are my keys?”

Warden shows up, we hop in his van. (Guy and van is very much glowing in prime) Drive there.. do do do..

Waiting room.. Harold steals Jayce’s wallet.

K enters the room.

Harold tries to pick K’s pocket O.O

K talks to us, manages to antagonize Isaac to the point of frustration.

Rose walks into the room and asks for the five of us to leave the room with her. We are led to the library, speaking with the Librarian. Librarian looked at the image in Harold’s mind and we gave a report. He just looked at all the images in Harold’s head for the entire day basically.

“The seers of the throne have been treading on hot water and getting uppity.” Cabals: Asylum and Scorpions.

Harold’s contact: Adusa

“Looks like Adusa has been doing a lot of work trying to keep K busy this past month.” Advice: Get together with other people and build your contacts and social standing.

Manare’ is a (dance) club, 100% neutral ground – no magic, violence, no hunting. enforced by vampires, werewolves, mages, mundanes.

Combat zone – downtown (chinatown) boston. A place where magic …. less paradoxes happen. Very dangerous, high crime.. Cabal of banishers that will attack other mages. If you go there, you’re looking for trouble.

We got a ride home.

  • Everyone gains + 5 XP
  • Harold has 12 free xp ?



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