Heirs of Atlantis


The dynamic magical duo go off adventuring.

Harold and Jayce went to auctions and got invited to parties. They went to a party, Harold went back later and stole a picture. The Sunday paper ran a story on the front page of how this well to do and how her prized picture of herself with Paris Hilton (signed) was stolen and replaced with a fake showing her and Ru Paul.

After Harold assembled the picture (with a silly note about a ransom to the ASPCA c/o Sarah McLaughlin), Solomon examined it for left over evidence before handing it back.

We suggested to turn his larceny efforts into a positive light where he would sell his skills to companies to find weaknesses in their securities.

Since it was Sunday, Solomon went to the mage dojo and got a hard workout. Went “ok” because his athletics could use improving.

Solomon trains at the dojo along with

  • 5 perfected adepts, all obrimos
  • 3 are adamantine arrow, 1 mysterium, 1 guadian of the veil
  • (Warden Nilos – perfected adaept and adamantine arrow)

Meanwhile, Isaac was looking into forming costumes and ordered some materials that would take a few weeks to get here.

Harold gets a phone call from his contact. Heard you did well. “I owe you a favor.” Harold rementioned Kahulen showed up. “Ah… good work. Do you want your payment as protection from him?” We agreed to that as payment.

Solomon works day shift this week.

The young pair (Harold and Jayce) go off adventuring!

First event was supposed to occur around midnight, the next around 1:30ish

They went to a house in the suburbs, black and grey everywhere. Two people whose auras look like they are being siphoned off. Jayce notices the aura of his thief buddy that even his aura was starting to weaken as well. They write down the address. “One guy hitting on two guys, then all three leaving” was image here.

They quickly leave and goto the club, Harold is driving. They notice one exit to patio, where there are smokers and one exit to the front, rope line with bouncer and all.

Jayce watched the front, Harold on others.

Both see three guys walking out of the club together. They get into a flatbed truck.

Jayce attempts alter conductivity on leads to the battery so it won’t start. [3 successes on the attempt, no paradox.]

Harold moves to stand on rooftop over them.

Jayce attempts to read mental states “Aura perception” [2 successes.]

Making wits+occult: >1 on each figure.
  • Guy in middle (depressed, horny, excited)
  • Driver (Pissed)
  • Passenger (Worried, aggression)

Driver gets out rather angry and starts to look at engine. Somewhat red-neck-ish wearing flannel and all.

Jayce walks over to offer help about the car. Driver says he’s a mechanic and “he’s got it” Harold boy tries to sneak into the back of the pickup. Jayce goes back to his car, then drops the spell. Harold boy starts to feel like he’s bored and not as excited.

Guy in the middle comes on to the passenger, slurring some. Jayce attempts to follow as they head to the highway. They start heading off into the country. They turn off onto a dirt road. They hear cows. Mooooo.

Jayce is following about five minutes back. Upon hitting gravel road he turns off the lights and pulls over, getting out of the car to run.

“It’s over here.. up ahead.”

Harold lets them get one round ahead basically before he starts to follow.

They walk into the nearby woods, Harold follows. Jayce is now able to see the truck.

Guy in middle starts to try to take their shirts off, the other two start to get aggressive.



  • Jayce parks
  • Harold tosses a throwing card at one of the two aggressors. 1 success (Right)
  • “Beware the dark knights!” then he climbs a tree as move
  • Left guy kicks victim
  • Victim falls down rather hurt.
  • Right guy looks around.


  • Jayce casts forces and runs, 3 successes… running up and arriving.
  • Harold tosses a throwing card at the left target, misses.
  • Left guy went after jayce and attempts a punch.
  • Victim tries to crawl away
  • Right guy kicks victim.


  • Jayce goes full defensive and taunt left guy.
  • Harold tosses a throwing card at right target, spending a willpwr. 4L damage.
  • Left guy swings and misses Jayce.
  • Victim still attempting to crawl.
  • Right guy kicks victim again


  • Jayce picks up hand of dirt and stays full defensive.
  • Harold throws a rock at right target, misses.
  • Left guy adds a willpower and does 1 bash to jayce.
  • Right attacks victim and misses


  • Jayce attempts to attack left guy for 3 bashing.
  • Harold throws another rock at right target, 2 bashing.
  • (Right guy falls)
  • Left guy hits jayce for another bashing.


  • Jayce attempts to attack left guy…. for 5 bashing. KO’ing him.
  • Victim is sobbing and crawling away.

Harold spends a willpower to attempt to bandage the one guy he was attacking. Harold calls 911. Jayce gets in the car and waits a mile down the road. Harold going to hide and watch, waiting for ambulance and police. Glassjaw wakes up and tries to run. Harold attempts to throw a rock. (1 bashing) Harold throws another rock at him (dropping out of tree) (1 bashing) Harold chases, throwing one more rock but misses but then lets him go. They figure since he was the driver, they will be able to track him by the truck.

1.5 hrs go by before ambulance and police show up, taking the victim and right guy away. Another hour goes by as Harold waits. EMT checks out both people and leave within minutes. Police start a search pattern, Harold attempts to leave. (3 successes)

“Hey.. hey I hear something this way..”

Harold tries to attempt to stealthily run away as others come closer. 3 successes, and manages to get away.

They both get home around 4:30am. Harold wasn’t excited, just drained.

Isaac’s (?) dreams this night involve a shadow draining from him. Laughing, vampiric like.

  • Everyone gets +5XP



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