Heirs of Atlantis

Sunken Ruins, Continued

Further investigation of the sunken ruins.

5 wands and 5 medallions were found in the ruins.

  • Mastigos soderite (perfected iron)/Brass
  • Obrimos Gold/Petrified Wood
  • *

Key (Crystal Skeleton Key – Dragonbone?)

Sharon (lady mysterium researcher)

During exploration we found several monsters, having broken out of the lower part of the ruins.

Grab and drag Harold out of the way Saved Sharon from monster

In wet dock, the lawyer guy (K) shows up

  • Sharon has hands up in the air.
  • Solomon creates a portal
  • he says “if you go through that portal I will just follow”
  • (K is mastigos – mind/space… double master)

Some guy, John, also steps up with a gun at sharon.

Gun was fired but the bullet was redirected, striking John (killing him) Solomon grabs K [3 successes] and holds him doing bashing, while others attack as well. When K goes unconscious, he is auto teleported away.

  • Everyone gets +6 XP
  • sharon gave the party a “find someone’s gnosis” spell prime2/spirit2
  • Sharon owes life boon to cabal
  • Each of us receives a rather unique wand. (+3 dice to rotes, +2 dice to non-rote spells)
  • Solomon left a bit of blood at the ruin site [Now at intimate sympathetic connection]



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